TLC Newsletter

January 2016

This month's activities. . . .

December and January were busy months.

  • Many co-teaching opportunities
  • Teacher observations
  • Continued growth with Professional Development in Benchmark Literacy, AIW, IPI and Growth Mindset studies.
  • Programmable robots @ the Elementary Buildings

Teacher's have been working hard and we have many celebrations.

Teacher Leaders

Each month we will highlighting some of our teacher leaders who will be helping our staff throughout the year.

"The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things."

--Ronald Reagan

Professional Development

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Middle school and high school staff are having discussions about scoring AIW.
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Mr. Fleshner is leading the meeting about instructional improvements with AIW.
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Elementary staff are digging deeper into Benchmark Literacy's writing curriculum.

Helping Teachers

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Dale Wambold helped Mike Bistline (HS Band Instructor) with adding instructional video links to his webpage.
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Jenn Gates and Michelle Keegan are leading a meeting at the AEA 267 about Standards Based grading.
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Corindy Stoakes is helping some kindergarten students with coding Dash and Dot.
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Here is another view of Mrs. Stoakes helping with coding a robot.
Big image
Kindergarten guys are learning how to program robots.
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Cory Lang (At-Risk Coordinator at the MS) is meeting with the Middle School staff.
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The TLC team is meeting and sharing some new ideas that will benefit all teachers.


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Jared Pospisil (Resource teacher at the HS) is happy to have many technology resources at his finger tips. He will incorporate them into his curriculum.
Video on coding Dash and Dot. Success!!!
Newspaper article in The Progress Review: LINK
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"It's been a great year! Many things to celebrate. We are looking forward to finishing strong." ----- Corindy, Dale and Michelle.