Global Warming

by: The Thugs

What is Global Warming?

Global warming is a term that has been used to describe a numerous amount current of events in history when the earth's surface warmed/s up. There have been three periods of global warming since 1850; from 1860 to 1880, 1915 to 1945, 1975 10 1998. The most recent warming was originally thought to be caused by man kind of carbon dioxide, commonly called in science CO2. Each period of warming was separated by a period of global cooling. The warming/cooling cycles, and their associated change in precipitation a.k.a Climate Changes, which has been occurring for the past 11,000 years since the last ice age. Recent research has shown that this step curve is probably a product of what is known as the beat island effect than global warming.

What the "Thugs" know about global warming

  • Global warming is effecting our O-zone here on earth. In result to this, it is making our o zone weaker which means that we will eventually not have any protection against the Sun UV rays.
  • Global warming is melting glaciers
  • Sea levels are rising
  • Precipitation has increase

Impacts humans have on global warming

  • We release green house gases into the atmosphere.
  • (CO2+ Other heat-trapping gasses)
  • Clearing foreast also releases CO2 more CO2 stays in the atmosphere, trapping more heat.
  • We have many CO2 products globally that is killing all the natural resources in the world.

Consequences of global warming

Weather patterns:

  • Hot and dry weather
  • more wildfires
  • more and longer droughts
  • intense rainstorms

  • Bad air, Allergy and asthhma
  • Infectious diseases, food, and waterborne illness outbreaks

  • Ecosystem shifts and species die-off
  • Polar bears are drowning because it is taking longer for them to swim to ice floats.

Global Warming Solutions

-Cut down on gas by ridding a bike.

-When you walk out of a room, cut a light out.

-Stop cutting down trees.

-Reduce Emissions.

-Prepare for Natural Impacts. (tsunamis,earthquakes, ect)