Voices in the Valley

Swapping Stories, Sharing Life

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The strength of a community is determined by the richness of its stories.

Swapping stories. Sharing life. Strengthening the threads that interconnect our community. These are the values that Voices in the Valley draws upon each Saturday when it airs at 10 AM on KLBB 1220. Every week local area students join hosts Steph and De on the radio to celebrate the creative spirit, nurture the art of storytelling, and provide a forum for a diversity of voices to be heard.
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Voices in the Valley ~ the proverbial fire around which we gather to swap stories, share resources and do life together.

The programming for Voices in the Valley seeks to promote an environment where people of different world views, backgrounds and experiences can share their stories and experiences in a supportive environment while also providing valuable resources to each other. Diverse guests such as Senator Housley and Representative Lohmer, African-American student activist Amir, and Katlyn an author with Down Syndrome illustrate the complexity and beauty of this montage of narrative thought.

In addition, Voices in the Valley seeks to support artistic endeavors. Listen to episodes where LA screenwriter Dina Chapman shares how to write a tv show, New York Times Best Selling author Jacqueline West provides tips on how to develop a writing routine, and Prairie Home Companion veteran Alan Frechtman discusses what it's like to be a part of a creative team.

Check out Voices in the Valley's diversity of guests here.

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StoryArk Matters

StoryArk nurtures storytelling in all of its diversity across the generations and through multiple media. StoryArk's cultural projects provide educational opportunities, training, mentorship and support for the art of storytelling to local communities. By sharing our stories, we impact our selves, our community, our culture, our country and even our world. Find out more at StoryArk.org

StoryArk is a 501c(3) tax exempt organization that seeks to serve the greater good.