Assistive Technology

Tools And Tech To Give Access To All

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology is a broad term that refers to any and all assistive devices or services for individuals with disabilities. In a classroom setting, these devices are designed and utilized in order to help those with disabilities gain access to the information, as well as communicate and express their understanding. These devices also range from highly complex and technical, like word recognition software and computerized communication boards, to simple and analog, like a pencil grip or graphic organizer. Assistive Technology Services help to ensure that all parties who use the assistive tech know how to operate and maintain it appropriately and safely.

Why is it important to consider both AT devices and services?

The devices are needed in order to either remediate performance or compensate for performance. This is needed to help students with disabilities participate in the education process. Services are required to help students, parents, and teachers use the needed assistive technology devices appropriately. Additionally, services are need to identify which students assistive tech, how to obtain the needed assistive tech, and how to adapting the assistive tech to the students who need it.

Here are some examples of High Tech devices

Here are some examples of low tech divices

For me information about assistive technology, follow this link to the Assistive Technology Industry Association's webside