Elton Gregory Middle School

April 2020

Huskies Unite, Virtually

Hello Families,

Our goal with this newsletter is to help provide you and your family with information and resources to support your family's transition to accessing learning opportunities from home. As information becomes available we will continue to send out updates to our school community.

Message from Superintendent McIntosh

As we transition to this new online life we are launching our continued learning plan in three phases:

PHASE 1: EngageRedmond Launch

On Friday, March 20th we shared our new website, EngageRedmond, which is a website created to share engagement activities for students kindergarten through 12th grade. I hope that you have found this useful in the past few weeks to keep your student’s bright minds engaged at home.

PHASE 2: Establishing Connections

Beginning Monday, April 6th, you can expect this website to be a central hub for communication with your student’s classroom teacher and other school staff. You can expect regular communication outreach from your student’s teachers and other school specialists on a weekly basis. This may occur by email, phone, Google classroom or other multimedia tools that will allow your student and their teacher to engage in two way communication. From the EngageRedmond website families will be able to access their school/teacher and weekly learning support plans. Teachers and school staff will be available for questions and guidance during the closure and will communicate their hours of availability to you.

Please know during Phase 2, teachers will not be providing direct classroom instruction, taking attendance, issuing grades or providing specially designed instruction outside of the resources listed on their EngageRedmond page.

In addition, other members of your school team, including nurses, school counselors, specialists, speech pathologists, FAN advocates, and community liaisons will be working and available to support you and your family.

As we prepare for online distance learning to launch you can expect a series of communications from our district as we prepare to go live with distance learning. It is the district’s goal to quickly identify what resources both our staff and students have in access to devices, internet and other tools.

PHASE 3: Distance Learning Goes Live

In mid April, our district will shift from providing supplementary education to providing Distance Learning for All.

With this new state direction, our teachers have the ability to do what they do best—connect with every student; be allowed to provide instruction, report on progress and provide official grades; and ultimately provide our students with credit-earning options in high school for the last term of this academic year.

As we move forward with this plan we will work with families to identify obstacles and barriers to instruction. Your district and school teams are here to work with you on an individual basis to provide as much support as we can to ensure your student’s ability to learn at home.

Meals for Children 18 & Under

Redmond School District has established a food distribution program to provide a free, prepackaged breakfast and lunch to any child 18 years and under during the statewide COVID-19 school closure.

Beginning Monday, March 16th, children ages 18 and under can receive one free prepackaged breakfast and lunch at Redmond High School from the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Food distribution will occur in the school visitor parking lot.

Meal distribution dates and time are as follows:

  • March 16 – April 28: 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Monday – Friday

No identification will be required to receive a meal. Children are not required to be present to receive a meal. Parents or guardians may also pick up a week’s worth of meals at one time.

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Available now are updated learning opportunities for all students on RSD's Engage Redmond website, which is located on the RSD homepage.

Each teacher is posting weekly learning plans that provide a more structured educational routine. The learning plans will be updated each Friday by 3:00 pm.

Click here to visit EngageRedmond website

Navigating EngageRedmond Website

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Contacting Staff in Redmond School District

RSD staff are following the governor's order to Stay Home and Stay Healthy. Staff are working remotely to provide learning opportunities and connection with school. The best way to connect with an RSD staff member currently is via email. The standard format for RSD email is


This will work to connect you with any RSD employee. Click here for a link to the staff page for EGMS which also has links to each staff members email.

Office Hours

Each teacher will be holding 4 hours of office hours each week. This will be a time for you get to immediate answers to your questions or help for your student with their learning plans. Teachers will continue to monitor their email at other times throughout the day outside of office hours as well.

Teacher's have specified their office hours on their learning plans located at the EngageRedmond website.

Student Logins and Passwords

Student usernames follow their graduation year, first initial and last name. Here are examples:


6th grade ~ 26gbennett@redmondschools.org

7th grade ~ 25gbennett@redmondschools.org

8th grade ~ 24gbennett@redmondschools.org

Students have chosen their own passwords. If you student forgot their password or needs to change it they should navigate to this website:


iReady Math ~ Important note for all students

All students at Elton Gregory Middle School will have access to iReady as part of their math learning plan. In order to access iReady at home you will need to follow the two videos included in this newsletter to connect your students school gmail account to your home device. iReady must be accessed through the redmondschools.org bookmarks in your student's school account.

Signing in to the Chrome Browser - The first step

In school, we run off a Google platform. Much of our learning content and curriculum are linked to each student’s Redmond Schools Google profile. Please watch the following video titled "Signing in to the Chrome Web Browser" to connect your device at home to your student's school google profile. Signing in to the Chrome web browser is the first step to seamlessly accessing classroom resources such as iReady.
Signing in to the Chrome Web Browser

Managing Multiple Chrome Users

If you have more than one student in Redmond School District that needs to access class resources, then you will want to watch this video to allow each of your children access to their resources.
Managing Multiple Chrome Users

Tech Support

The Tech Support page of the EngageRedmond website has several tutorial videos as well as a
"Need Help" button for further questions. Please utilize this resource as you need help troubleshooting technology issues that may come up from time to time.

Tech Support

Google Classroom

Google classroom is an online learning environment where teachers share resources and assignments with students. Students are able to access those resources and turn in their work for feedback. Many classrooms were utilizing this tool before the closure took place.

We are asking teachers to post the same assignment and resources on their learning plans as they post in their google classroom to allow for easier parent access.

If you notice your student's teacher is referencing Google Classroom on their learning plans and you would like guardian access into your students google classroom, you will want to email that teacher requesting guardian access. This will give you daily or weekly updates on assignments and other postings.

ParentVue and StudentVue Access

Here is the link to access ParentVue or StudentVue.

ParentVue or StudentVue Access

If you need access into your ParentVue account please reach out to our registrar Tracy Osborne to get an activation key. Then click this link, then click on "Create New Account," and then click on "Activate Account."

If you have forgotten your password then you will click on "Create New Account" and then click on "Forgot Password."

Access to the Building

Currently the Redmond School District is following the governor's order to Stay Home and Stay Healthy to stop the spread of COVID19. At this time we are not allowing community members to retrieve any items from any district buildings. The district will communicate any changes to the policy as this pandemic passes.

Safe Oregon

As Oregon continues to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic, people need help, resources, or just someone to talk to. SafeOregon, the 24/7 statewide school safety tip line, is here for you; for students and the whole community. We will continue to provide 24/7 services for Oregonians to anonymously or confidentially report student safety concerns (suicidal ideation/thoughts, cyberbullying, child abuse, etc.)