Coloma Junior High

Family Newsletter for the Week of 9/5/23

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We are off to a Great Start!

The first week at the Junior High is always filled with excitement and a little bit of worry. Our students did a wonderful job of figuring out how to open their lockers, finding all 6 classes and navigating the building. If your child is still struggling, encourage them to reach out to a staff member. We are available throughout the hallways to support any students that are in need.


Back to School Paperwork

Please return the Back to School paperwork that was provided in the folder at Open House or once your child attended school. We want to make sure that all contact information is up to date.

Receipts for Chromebook Insurance

We are working to provide receipts for all Chromebook insurance that was turned into the office. You should receive your receipt no later than 9/15. If you have questions, please contact the main office.

Team Building in 6th Grade Geography

One of the 6th grade Geography classes had a friendly competition to see which group could put together a puzzle of all 50 states. The winning group put its puzzle together in 1 minute and 10 seconds. Pretty amazing!

6th Grade Projects! Ask your 6th grader about their words for the year.

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Picture Day

Students were given Picture Forms at the end of the day on 8/31/23. You can go online to order at

Retakes will be available on Friday, Oct. 20th

Classes begin at 8:00am

Classes at the Junior High begin at 8:00am. Our front doors open at 7:30am.

If your child arrives after 8:00am, you must sign them in, in the main office.


Coloma Community Schools is committed to technology being fully integrated in our curriculum at all grade levels. At the Junior High level, all students will be issued a Chromebook for their individual use on the first full day of school. At this level, students are responsible for taking their Chromebook from class to class as well as home at the end of the day. Students are responsible for being mindful with their technology during class, charging their Chromebook daily and being responsible for the care of their Chromebook.

Accidental Breakage Assurance

Coloma Community Schools recommends that accidental breakage assurance be purchased prior to the deployment of the Chromebook to your child. Coloma Community Schools will be the sole provider of this assurance. Under this assurance agreement, the Chromebooks are protected against theft or accidental damage. The Coloma Community Schools will require that a police report be submitted in cases of theft. A student making a false report will be subject to disciplinary action as outlined by the school code of conduct.

Accidental Breakage Assurance Policy

This accidental breakage assurance policy does not cover for loss of the Chromebook and/or its accessories, cosmetic damage, or damages caused by intentional misuse and abuse. Coloma Community Schools will assess the Chromebook damage and repair or replace the device if the damage is determined to be accidental and within the protection guidelines. Parents/Students may be charged for full replacement cost of a device that has been lost or damaged due to intentional misuse or abuse.

The accidental breakage assurance cost is $20.00 annually for each chromebook 6th grade through 12th grade. It is non-refundable.

Medical Authorization Forms

If your child is in need of prescription medication during the school day, they must have an updated medical authorization form on file in the office each school year, signed by a physician.

Forms are available in the main office.

Outside evaluation forms should be dispersed from the main office.

Check to make sure your child is up to date on their immunizations!

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New Initiatives at the Junior High for 2023-24

WIN Time

We have restructured our RTI time and changed the name to WIN - What I Need. Our goal during this time will be to group students according to their needs in ELA and Math based upon assessments and screening. Teachers will focus on specific skills for students. WIN time will meet every day.

Comets CARE Citizenship

As we continue to ensure that student grades are reflective of what they know for each content area, we are expanding our class grading to include a Citizenship grade. Each teacher will include a citizenship grade each Marking Period. Citizenship criteria will be aligned to our CARE expectations as listed below:

  • Coming Ready to Learn

  • Always Responsible

  • Respectful

  • Exceptionally Safe

Teachers will spend time in each class reviewing what the expectations look like in all areas of the school including classrooms, hallways, cafeteria restrooms and auditorium.

Lory's Place

If your child is in need of grief support and you would like them to participate in a group with representatives from Lory's place. Please email Mrs. Fitzgerald at

Mission Statement of Lory's Place

To provide grief support services for grieving children, adults and families.

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Interactive Virtual Tour

Click the glowing dots for an overview of each building area.

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Upcoming Dates


4 - No School

13 - Delayed Start - School Begins at 10:00am

14 - Picture Day

27 - Delayed Start


6 - 1/2 Day Dismissal 11:37am

9 - No School - Staff PD

11 - Delayed Start

19 - Picture Retakes

25 - Delayed Start

27 - 1/2 Day Dismissal 11:37am

Inspire to Achieve - Empower for Success