From Sea to Salt

By: Beaumin Sherman


Yum! salt tastes good on your food. But do you ever wonder were it comes from? Read this to find out.


Salt begins in the ocean. It is harvested in different places such as the coasts of Oregon and Washington. Salt is harvested by scooping it with shovels or pumping it into ponds. Salt is put into big buckets then trucks drive it to the factory.


At the factory workers let the salt boil and evaporate slowly. Next they put the salt in water

then give it a bitter taste. Next they wash the salt in water. Next they take out all the minerals. Finally the salt is packaged and sent to the store.


When people go to the store and buy salt they come home with... crystal clear well done pure salt! People buy salt cause they can use it for different things. People use salt to give there food taste.

Fun Facts

Salt is different depending on the temperature of water. It takes a long time to make salt.After salt boils it can be soft or have a crunch. There is not a lot of salt when it rains.


And that is how salt is made. Yum!!!
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