Art Institute of California

Los Angeles

Where? What?

  • In Los Angeles California, hooray big city.
  • 19,000 a year in tuition and fees
  • Has wonderful courses on audio production and many other subjects
  • No required high school GPA! Though good grades are always a good sign of hard work.
  • Only a Diploma or GED is needed to apply

Local Stuff!

What about LA?

The city is roughly 470 square miles, lots of room to get lost! and plenty of sights to see

Generally about 70 degrees! but closer to 60 during winter months
to be exact;

In January, the average is 57.0° F; August, 72.0° F; and the annual average is 63.9° F

Only about 17 inches of rain per year! If you live in Oregon and hate rain, this may be the place for you!

Nearby are the Santa Monica Mountains. At the borders are the Pacific ocean, on the west and southern side.

How to pay?

  • Student loans
  • Extra money from jobs
  • Possibly scholarships
  • Realistically you're going to go bankrupt regardless of what college you go to

What can I do now?

  • Take music classes of some sort
  • Keep good grades to earn scholarships as mentioned above
  • Stay in school!
  • Don't give up because school may seem useless at this time

Volunteer Work

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Help the elders!! Los Angeles volunteer opportunities!