15 Amendment

Opening Statement

If the 15th amendment had never been passed the world we know today would be vary different because African Americans would not be truly free to speak there opinions.The 15th amendment was important because it gave African Americans the right to vote and showed the county that you have to be more excepting of them.


an amendment that prohibiting the restriction of voting rights Based on race, color, or other conditions.(slaves or colored people).

Causes (Background)

Some of the causes of the 15 amendment is the civil war because the war gave the U.S. A lot of new citations that were not accounted for in the polls. Another reason for the 15th amendment is that the people were starting to realize how dehumanizing people were to African americans.


Some of the characteristics of he problems of the first amendment were that there were a larg amount of people living in the U.S. That were unrepresented and because the more exempting culture for African Americans (at least better then it was) they needed to fix the constitution so it included African Americans.


it changed the way the U.S. worked you could vote no matter your race or background. They introduced a bunch of laws and amendments to try to secure civil and political rights for colored people. Prevented states from denying votes based on property or birth. This amendment was vary important for people because it gave people who were suppressed for a long time a chance to change the government and change the way the people looked at them. It also was very important long term because it showed people that you need to be excepting of other people.


South Point Of View- tried to restrict African Americans from their rights and thoughts

North Point Of View- supported African American suffrage and were glad after it was passed.

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