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May 12th MNVA Kindergarten & First Grade Newsletter

Contact Information

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My skype name is icademyhgunderson.

This week:

Dear Families and Students,

The end of the year is quickly approaching. Please take a moment to check your kmail to reply to my conference kmail that I sent to confirm our end of year conference date and time. This week will be our last week of live classes. We will have one more Homeroom Gathering on June 2nd. The next two weeks I will be meeting individually with students. Please reach out if you need to speak with me about any questions that arise as the year wraps up!

I will be out of the office this Thursday and Friday. I will return on Monday, May 19th.

Thank you,

Ms. Heidi

Upcoming Dates

May 15th and 16th: Ms. Heidi will be out of the office.

May 16th End of Year Celebration (See information below)

May 19th-29th End of Year Conferences (Individual kmails will be sent of date and time)

May 26th: No School Memorial Day

May 27th ALL assignments due and PE Activity Logs (No Exceptions)

June 2nd Our last Live Homeroom gathering for the year. Come and celebrate with us. It will be a fun-filled end of year session!

June 5th Last Day of School (All progress and attendance data will be pulled at Noon, anything entered after this time will not be included in progress or attendance calculated.)

Progress Goals

Please use this guide to keep progress on track. Use the column of the month you started MNVA for your current progress. This is the percent that you should START the week at or be close too.

White = On Track

Green = 1 week behind

Yellow = 2 weeks behind

Red = 3 weeks behind

Student Expectations

Daily Plan:

Students should complete all work on their daily plan each day to keep on track with expected progress. (Expected progress, see the progress chart to ensure that you are on track.)

Reading Eggs: All Kindergarten and First Grade Students should be using this program daily for 20 minutes a day.

Guided Reading Class: All students should attend their guided reading group during their scheduled time every week.


All you need to do is simply keep a log of your child's daily activity. So if they ride bike for 30 minutes write it down, dance class, walking, helping with chores, tae kwon do, any kind of exercise of activity can be written down in the log.

On your report card there will be an area that I grade for logs that are submitted. (Any blank calendar will do to log and keep track of activity.)

Attendance Hours:

Kindergarten: 2-3 hours a day

First Grade: 4-6 hours a day

Please let me know if you child will be absent and give a reason why. Unexcused absences are explained in the student handbook. Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Class Connect Sessions:

Please make it a priority to attend class connect sessions taught by your homeroom teacher (that's me!) These are taught to encourage learning that help your child grow on the skills they are learning in the Online School. They are a great social experiences as well for your child to be able to meet and interact with other students in their classes.

End of the Year FAQ’s

Q: What do I do with my child’s materials from this school year?

A: You will receive pre-paid shipping labels along with a list of items/materials that are to be returned from K12. To see a list of what is returned and not returned, it is posted in your “MyInfo” area of OLS.

Q: What if my student doesn’t reach 100% in all of their courses by June 5th?

A: It is determined on a case-by-case basis. However, most students are promoted to the next grade level and often need to complete supplemental activities or interventions in the fall. It is important to understand that your child will still be expected to be prepared to enter the next grade.

Q: Does my student need to complete school work and/or log attendance until June 5th?

A: Yes. MNVA is a Minnesota Public School and the attendance policy requires students to log attendance through June 5th, the last student day. In the case that a student may have finished courses by then, arrangements need to be made with your teacher.

Q: Will the Online School be available in the summer?

A: The OLS will be available through mid-June. At that time it will be “closed” for updates and new information.

Q: What if I need to change our registration status or have questions over the summer?

A: If questions arise, you can contact the MNVA office at 507-896-5323 or 866-215-2292, option 3.


Check out the following website to register for upcoming field trips and meet new friends!

End of Year Celebration Registration

Registration for our Elementary End of the Year Event is open!

The flyer, registration form, and park maps/directions are loaded to our school page.

Kids Corner

Weekly Riddle

Q:What did the big flower say to the little one?

Answer to Last Week’s Riddle:

Q. April showers bring mayflowers, but what do Mayflowers bring?

A. Pilgrims! The Mayflower was the ship that brought the first pilgrim settlers to Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts. After a journey of over two months, the settlers finally made it to their destination in the New World in November (not in the springtime).

Journal Topic: Encourage your student to draw a picture and write a word or sentence depending upon their ability!

Create a Top Ten list of favorite spring activities. Your favorite activity should be #1.

Ms. Heidi's Spring Top 10:

  1. Riding Horse (always at the top)
  1. Warmer weather means just being outside more
  2. Campfires with the family and roasting marshmallows
  3. Mowing the grass!
  4. Riding Horse
  5. Planting flowerbeds
  6. Wearing flip flops and capris again
  7. Running outside
  8. Throwing the ball outside with my kids
  9. Riding Horse (did I mention that before?)