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Happy November to All Jack London Families!

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Principals Notes

Happy Fall Everyone! We are gearing up for a great month of November. We are in the fourth month of school and classes are in the midst of great instruction and learning. I love visiting all of the classrooms and seeing students engaged in fun lessons from burying a pumpkin in Ms. LeCave’s class, to celebrating narrative writing in Ms. Brady’s class to Ms. Holmes and Ms. Ortlinghaus (buddy classes) making new board games. Students are learning and they are excited to come to school! I am excited about the Fall and can’t wait to see all of the learning continue to happen at Jack London Elementary School! Don't forget, Starting November 13th, Kindergarten is released at 1:45 pm!

Pizza With The Principal!

We are having Pizza with the Principal at lunch for grades 1-6 on November 9th. Please make sure your child turns in their 40 paws to the office at recess or lunch time to come to the event! We are having Pizza with the Principal at lunch for Kindergarteners on November 16th.

School Site Council

I wanted to congratulate our newly elected School Site Council Members: Stephanie Frick, Ryan Poole and Jennifer Sanchez. We are so happy to have you on our School Site Council and support our school’s goals! I am excited that we have a full School Site Council and can now work together to make our school innovative and joyful!

School Safety

We had a Search and Rescue practice drill the end of October and it was a huge success. All of the students did a great job and all of our staff members knew their roles and responsibilities. We will continue to have practice drills every month to ensure that we are always prepared and safe at our school.

Update Your Cell Phone Numbers

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that we have your current cell phone number so we can send out important text messages of upcoming events and reminders!


I know it is cold and dark in the morning and hard to roll out of bed, but it is important to bring your child to school on time every day! The first part of the day classes work on their morning routines and building community through community circles. Please don’t be late!

November Student Assembly

On Friday, November 16th, your student will have the opportunity to meet and listen to author (and Giants in-game reporter) Amy G. as she introduces her newest book, Smarty Marty Steps Up Her Game. Amy has created a great way for kids to learn about baseball and the love of the game.

Look Whats New On Campus!

Jack London has installed three new Buddy Benches for children to sit on during snack and lunch recess. As elementary school children learn arithmetic and language arts, they are also learning valuable social skills. One great way to train children's empathy and social connection is to add "Buddy Benches" to a schools playground. A Buddy Bench is a small, safe haven for children who are feeling emotional or lonely. Sitting on the bench is a signal to others that he or she needs a buddy. This is another way Jack London is promoting kindness in our community.

Toolbox and Restorative Practices

As mentioned last month in our newsletter, we are using Toolbox and Restorative Practices for our social-emotional learning curriculum. For Toolbox, our Student Advisory wrote, directed, and filmed a skit about using the Breathing and Apology/Forgiveness Tool. We are editing it and then will premier it to the whole school. Student Advisory is also working on creating behavior expectations for different areas at our school such as the bathroom and lunch tables then will share them with the school and post them around campus. It is great when students have ownership of their learning and make a difference at their school. We are also using Restorative Practices and here are some of the questions that we ask students if they are having a problem with another student:

-What happened?

-What were you thinking of at the time?

-What have you thought about since?

-Who has been affected by what you have done? In what way?

-What do you think you need to do to make things right?

These questions help us really listen to each student and work on having students think about what happened and how to make things right again. They are great to use at home too! Click HERE to find out more about Toolbox!.

Lost and Found

The school Lost and Found contains many personal items of clothing that are never claimed. These items are donated to local charities twice a year. If your child is missing a sweater, jacket, etc., please check our "Lost and Found" in the Gym periodically. Items not claimed are donated at the end of each month. Thank you!

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