Director of ICT and eLearning

What will I be doing?

Some of what's included in my job description...

  • Management of the IT Help Desk staff and Network Manager.
  • Ensuring effective operation of all ICT systems within the school and the computer network
  • Overseeing policies pertaining to ICT
  • Development of a strategic plan for ICT integration at Toorak College.
  • Managing the introduction of a new LMS, Schoolbox, beginning in 2013.
  • Working across the school to support staff to integrate technology into their learning programs. Helping staff to establish technology goals and evaluate progress.

  • Working directly with students to assist them with their understanding of new technology.
  • Helping to create a learning community across the school where professional practice is shared and celebrated.
  • Organising internal professional development and finding connections for students and staff that will benefit their learning program.
  • Role modeling effective use of ICT within classrooms and in the wider professional community.
  • Keeping abreast of current trends in information technology and their application to our educational setting. Providing advice on emerging technologies and their possible impact on education.
  • Promoting the development of new technologies in the wider community via publications and meetings.

I'm not in this alone...

What is needed...

This is no no one woman show. The success of ICT integration in our school is dependent on all of us. We need to be willing to explore new ideas and be open to changing up the way we do things. There will be successes and possible failures along the way. That's all part of change. If we work together and adopt a positive mindset, we stand a much better chance of introducing our students to new methods of creating and collaborating using technology meaningfully in our classrooms.

Where can you find me?

My office is in the Senior School Library, in the room that formerly housed the MAC computers. My door is always open. Come in and have a chat about your technology plans for either yourself, your faculty or year level. I'm here to help.