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affects of alcohol abuse

Vision may blur

When you drink your vision may blur. People who drink have a different vision then people that don't drink. People that don't drink can walk a straight line but people that drink have trouble. They may see the line as being curvy or bumpy. People that drink should not drive. They can hurt themselves or others. Please do not drink and drive!

Affects of alcohol in the liver

Alcohol can damage your liver. People who drink too much on a regular basis can get cancer and cirrhosis. That means that the liver grows scar tissues instead of healthy liver cells. This is very bad because you need your liver. When your liver fails you can die from it. Drinking can cause this to happen and you need your liver in order to survive.

Family problems dew to alcohol

Family's may have some problems in their homes because off alcohol. Parents might get into a lot of fights or even get divorced. This may also cause the children to get bad grades in school or also get into other types of trouble due to stress at home. Adults may lose focus on their responsibilities and may not go to work. They may also abuse their family members. This is due to them drinking too much and being too addicted to alcohol.

This is an article on cirrhosis. It gives facts on cirrhosis. Please read it. It gives so much information on cirrhosis. It tells you what it is and how it causes problems.

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