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Showing Off: Minarets Fall Showcase Coming Soon

Minarets has a tradition of going above and beyond and the upcoming Fall Showcase is no exception.

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Ladies Take the Field with Powderpuff

Powderpuff game is an annual tradition at Minarets where the underclassmen and upperclassmen girls play against each other. Usually it's done every every year in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month, but this year it was held on Sept. 16, 2019 at the Minarets stadium.

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Minarets Cheer Team

The Mustangs cheer team has changed over the years with new coaches, a new team, new routines, and last but not least new cheer captains for the varsity team.

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Mustangs Clash with Titans

Coming off last week's game against Fowler game, Mustang Football were ready for their next game. Our boys traveled to Orange Cove for their fifth game of the year against the Titans.

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Volleyball Update

Minarets Volleyball has been doing well these past few weeks. Varsity is currently undefeated in league and are currently in Arizona for the weekend to compete in the Nike Tournament.

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Under The Scenes: Minarets Drama Takes on the Little Mermaid

Grab your Dinglehoppers, thing-a-mabobs, and snarfblatts, because it’s time for the winter musical here at Minarets. The Minarets drama program has proudly announced that they will be performing Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Dec. 5, 6, and 7, 2019 at Hillside Elementary.

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The Cavalry is Here: Minarets eSports Team

Minarets has a variety of sports, but this year a new sport team was added: The Cavalry. The Cavalry is an eSports teams where students compete in competitive video games against other schools to test their skills.

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Fresno State Ag Fest Review

On Sept. 21, Minarets FFA took students to the Fresno State Football Game for Ag Fest night. Around 30 students attended from the O’Neals-Minarets FFA Chapter!

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Key Club

Key Club is a student led club where the members learn leadership skills by doing community service.

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Minarets Abroad 2021

Minarets Abroad has been taking students all over the world since 2014, wether its Europe or the South Pacific. On Friday Sep. 20, 2019, Minarets Abroad announced that the students will have the opportunity to go on a nine day trip to Italy and Greece in the summer of 2021.

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Percussion Starts the Year with a Bang

Percussion students kicked off the school year by performing at football games and, rallies. The percussion program is led by music teacher Brett Moglia and has grown bigger each year.

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Behind the Scenes at Minarets: Senior Legacy Experience

SLE season is quickly approaching! For those unfamiliar, SLE stands for Senior Legacy Experience. It is a project all Minarets High School students must complete to graduate.

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Minarets Media Night!

If you want a night of fun and games, and want to support the new eSports team on campus, you should come to the Media Night on November 1!

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Student Life

The Art of Our Lives: Sierra Art Trails

Students get the opportunity to submit their art, photography, and more to the annual Sierra Art Trails event to be placed on display. This year, the 17th Anniversary of the Sierra Art Trails takes place at Oakhurst's Gallery Row, from Oct. 4 to Oct. 6.

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Wake Up, Minarets. The Early Morning Rally is Back!

Mark your calendars, Mustangs. ABC 30’s Game of the Week special is returning to Minarets High School on Oct 25. The successful inaugural rally last year has set up Minarets for another exciting rally to once again be broadcasted live on local television.

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