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The history of East Tennessee

Why we are called the Birthplace of Country

Tennessee is called the Birthplace of Country for the reason that the country music industry was originated here by Jimmie Rodgers. He invented it during the 1920's from two types of genres. The two types of genres in was originated from was the American Folk music and Western music.

Major Historical Places

There are tons of major historical places in Tennessee such as The Great Smokey Mountains, Bristol Motor Speedway, and the Birthplace of Country Music museum.

Famous People Born in Tennessee

The most recognized people who are famous and from Tennessee are Dolly Parton, Harris the Third, Andrew Jackson, Miley Cyrus, and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Tennessee Major Wars

We have had many wars which that have been down here and some of the major ones are Battle of Shiloh that was in the Civil war in 1862, also the is the battle of Fort Henry that was in the Civil War in 1862.