“Don't mistake activity with achievement". -John Wooden

What Is Labor?

Labor is a skilled or unskilled worker doing productive activity for economic gain. Hard work like working in a industry.


  • Blue-collar workers:working class employee who performs manual skilled labor
An example would be a factory worker.

  • White-collar workers:perform tasks that require less physical labor
Skilled workers oftentimes are more highly paid than blue collar workers. An example would be doctors,lawyers,administrative and etc.

Division Of Labor:is the breaking down of a job into separate,smaller,tasks which are performed by different workers.

The economy has added 8.1 million jobs, and the unemployment rate has falling from 10% to 6.2 %. The labor market has approve very good today than at the point since the Great Recession, but it still has a long way to go before it returns to normal and stable conditions.