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May 27, 2020

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Dear Penngrove Families,

Our last Penngrove Press of the 2019-20 school year! Wow oh wow! I think we're all breathing a sigh of relief at what we've just overcome and also looking to the future to see what it holds for us. How ironic since our school theme this year was "Be Present". Let's allow that to be a reminder to us all to be present with ourselves, our children and our families this summer.

Tonight, Tayo (my husband) was telling some friends of ours that each evening, once the kids are tucked in bed, he has this overwhelming sense of defeat as he thinks of all the things he didn't get done...yet again. Not enough time to keep up on the mail, small house projects here and there, tons of emails to catch up on, bills to pay, boxes to go through in the garage...the list goes on. Taking my own advice as well, I told Tayo, "You know what?! You're being present. You are present with your co-workers, you're a present dad to our kids, and you've been a present partner through all of this." I think he kinda rolled his eyes (internally of course) but I hope my message eventually sinks in.

I would WAY rather have a school full of kids who have present families and parents, than organized garages and empty InBoxes. Your kids need you right now. They might not be telling you or showing you, but they absolutely need your presence. How will you spend your time this summer? You get to decide.There are thousands of articles we could read, posts we could scroll through, memes we could share, and by all means, there's a time and place for all those things. But as summer approaches, would you give your family the gift of taking a quiet moment to center yourself and decide what kind of summer you'll have? Will it be filled with breaking news, anxiety, fear, annoyance, short tempers, exasperated sighs, ultimatums and time outs, or will it be filled with deep breaths, new routines, simple pleasures, every day delights, picnics and sunshine, cuddles and books?

We all need a break. A little time to unwind. A zoom-free zone. Some device free days.

In the coming weeks, I will be learning a lot more about what our Penngrove days will look like in the 2020-21 school year. I can assure you that I will be working closely with district administration to ensure your children get the best possible education in the safest environment possible. I will be relentless in my advocating for your child, our staff, and our community. I don't anticipate having to "fight" for much because I truly believe Petaluma City Schools is taking wonderful care of all of us. We are in great hands. You will hear from me with updates when I have them. I won't forget about you!

And finally... your teachers are tired. You're tired. I'm tired. And we are adults with coping skills to help us process this pandemic and all its complexities. Imagine how our kids feel. They are tired too. Reward them with your time. Not for a day, not for a morning, but for a summer. Make it your mission to Be Present. Whether we start school in July or August, learn online or in person, we will get through this together with flexibility, grace, trust, and compassion. This too shall pass. During this time of uncertainty, there's no place I'd rather be than with this Penngrove community.

Happy summer!

Mrs. Fadeji

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Happy Summer from Team Penn!

Happy Summer from TeamPenn!
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A little glimpse of promotion!

Class of 2020

A Special Thanks

When Dionna Dunaway and Lorrie Vella received the PTA Golden Oak Awards at our schoolwide assembly in March, none of us knew they would KEEP up their amazing volunteerism through a pandemic and Shelter in Place. However, little did our 6th graders know that while they were Zooming and Google Classrooming, Dionna and Lorrie were cooking up some plans to spread a lot of love and cheer to our 6th graders who missed out on a considerable amount of springtime fun. With a few secret Zoom calls of our own, Dionna and Lorrie have been instrumental in celebrating our 6th graders. From porch deliveries, to personalized baked goods, to #pantherstrong swag and finally, the most beautifully decorated promotion backdrop you've ever seen, these ladies have given it their all. Thank you so much for helping make our dreams come true for this special Class of 2020!

~Mrs. Fadeji, Mrs. Newman & Ms. J on behalf of all of us

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From Mrs. Olufs: What’s in the SKY Tonight?

No matter where this strange summer takes you and your family, look up in the sky to see an amazing show! First graders learn all about objects in the sky (sun, moon, and stars) in their science curriculum but everybody can be a sky watcher. In the Olufs family, we like to read about what’s happening in the sky for the upcoming month on the website and plan for rare planet sightings and moon phases as well as meteor showers and more! Here is a photo that I took of Venus and Mercury on May 21st:

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We also use an app called Sky View, which allows you to pan your phone around the sky at night to see which stars, constellations, and planets you’re actually looking at in real time!

Finally, we love to use the app called Satellite Tracker to see when the next fly over of the International Space Station takes place. You can see exactly what the view looks like from the ISS in real time and the trajectory of it’s path. It’s so fun to see the International Space Station in the sk!. It won’t be in our sky for long this week but next week it will! Check the app to see when you can spot it from your house!

When you’re watching the sky at night with your family, make sure to turn off any outside lights. Objects in the sky are best seen from a dark area. If you get a chance to go camping or get away from the city lights, the sky will look so much clearer and brighter! Have a great summer Penngrove Panthers!

For screenshots of Mrs. Olufs' favorite apps as listed above, check out her Google Doc with pictures here.

Thank You Volunteers!

We want to thank all of our on-campus volunteers this year. We had a record number of classroom volunteers, PTA volunteers and so many people helping behind the scenes to make this year magical. It truly shows how dedicated and passionate our school community is for helping our children grow and thrive. This wouldn't have been possible without all of your help! In your honor the PTA has purchased a lemon and lime tree to add to our school garden. These will be a reminder year after year of all your hard work. Thank you again!
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The 2020 Penngrove Art Show!

2020 Penngrove End of Year Art Show
Weekly Message from Mrs. Fadeji May 25

Are you interested in serving on the Friends of Penngrove PTA board as the 2020/21 Parliamentarian?

The Parliamentarian facilitates group bylaws (written rules), mentors members on parliamentary procedure and assists with managing board and association meetings. This position is imperative to making meetings run smoothly and the required time outside of meetings is minimal, unless, of course extra volunteer time is desired. There are typically 8 association meetings and 10 board meetings throughout the school year. The CA PTA job description is located here for review. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Melissa Morelli at by May 31st.

One Last Story From the Story Steps with Mrs. Lutz

Our very last story from Mrs. Lutz!! (From the story steps)
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If You Order from Amazon, Are You Using Amazon Smile?

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A huge thank you to our new friend Ben at KRJF 92.3 FM in Santa Rosa!

Without Ben’s help securing an FM transmitter our 6th grade promotion would not have happened like it did!

Special thanks to all our local business friends and Penngrove fans who helped us celebrate! We appreciate you all!

Please Support Our Local Businesses Which Have Always Supported Us.

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