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Great Start to the 15-16 School Year!

It has been a BAMalicious start to the school year. This is year our focus is always to Believe that we make a difference, help students Achieve greatness, and Motivate everyone (BAM). Our team of heroes arrived to Convocation in style and enjoyed a great motivator. We were then transported to CInemark theater for some team bonding time. We watched "Fantastic Four" which touched on topics from our summer book studies. The movie referenced fixed vs. growth mindset throughout. We also were reminded that there is no I in team. We have to work together in order to be successful. Throughout our staff development week we enjoyed team bonding through a variety of activities. We also analyzed our data to determine where we are and how to improve for the 15-16 school year. We left mentally drained but ready to take the next steps to increase student achievement at Thompson.

Classroom Management - Getting Everyone's Attention

We have been working on establishing expectations throughout the school. Throughout the year, students may need to revisit the school expectations. As we are working with students, our goal is to establish positive relationships with our students. We want our students to trust us and be able to come to us if they have a concern. Through these relationships we will be able to MOTIVATE students. Are you creating an environment of trust? Are you raising your voice at your students? Be aware that yelling at students breaks down lines of communication with others. Students are always watching us to see how we handle ourselves. They feel connected to us when they see we are fair and in control. Raising our voices often times scares some students. I have found an article I wanted to share about yelling at students. Take a moment and reflect on the last two weeks. Have you raised your voice to get control of the class or classes? What was your tone? What was the students perception of you? How would other adults around perceive the yelling? Did you gain control of the class? If so, was it out of respect or fear? Here is a strategy from "Teach Like a Champion" that may help you to gain control of the class. Remember, when we are on stage we have to put on our best show.

Part of the Pack!

Sometimes do you feel you are all alone? We all have that feeling of loneliness and frustration from time to time. Remember we are a team and we need to support each other. There will be tough days where we all struggle to find the positive in a situation. I challenge you to find the positive. It will be easy to slip into our old fixed mindset, we have to train our brain daily. There will be the little Cougar that will push your buttons. Remember, never give up on that little Cougar. You may be the only person they can depend on. Believe in yourself

During the month of September, the students will learn about Zest. Zest should be discussed during Rtime. The CNN news crew will also share information weekly about Zest. Be on the look out for students that have Zest.

September Events




No School


International Dot Day

MAP testing begins

3:15 Jamie’s Bridal Shower


3:15 Team Leader Meeting

6:30 Folklorico Parent Meeting


Volunteer Orientation 7:30-8:30/2:00-3:00

Grandparents Lunch 10:30-1:00


3:15 Math Monday K-2


5:00 GT Night

5:30 Curriculum Night


3:15 CIC Meeting


7:45 Top Cougar

2:15 4th Grade Hygiene Talk with Nurse


SNAP begins

3:15 Math Monday 4th& 5th

3:15 Safety Committee Meeting

3:15 Social Studies Monday 2nd & 3rd


8:00-4:00 3rd Grade Reading Training

3:15 Pawsitive Reinforcers Meeting


Chick Fila PTA 5:00-8:00


3:15 Social Studies Monday K-1st

3:15 Science 3rd -5th

3:15 CIC


8:00-4:00 5th Science Training

7:45-11:15 4th Reading Training

12:15-3:45 5th Reading Training


3:15 Mindset Staff Meeting

Heroes - Alesso ft. Tove Lo (Angelic cover) 10 years old
Alesso featuring Tove Lo and NBA Team Up In This Week’s Jam Session

Brain Break

Here is a Superhero Fitness Session.
Core5 Fitness for Kids Superhero Workout