Fix Downtime with IT Support LA

Finding an IT Support in Los Angeles to Fix Downtime

One of the main reasons why a lot of business owners do not spend extra time and energy when finding a company that offers IT support in Los Angeles is because they think that having a reliable IT team is not necessary when it comes to maintaining a business. What they do not realize is that an IT team can help them solve problems which can cause the downfall of a business such as downtime.

Essentially, a downtime is referred to a period in which computer systems fail to operate either fully or partially. When this happens, business owners, employees and customers alike will not be able to access the system which can lead to loss of data, application services and most importantly, customer loyalty.

In a survey conducted by USA Today, it was revealed that for a lot of data center manager, the average cost of downtime is $80,000 per hour. In a separate study conducted by Dunn & Bradstreet, it was revealed that the manual labor which is caused by downtimes for most of the Fortune 500 companies costs more than $46 million annually.

If Fortune 500 companies are not immune to the financial devastation that downtimes can cost, this means that downtimes can also produce the same effects to small to medium sized businesses. This is why having a reliable IT support in Los Angeles should be a priority.