The Beach Boys

Rock'n'roll was their life

Background information

The Beach Boys were a talented group that started in 1961. Their group started at their high school. The group members then were Carl, Dennis, Brian Wilson, cousin Mike Love and friend Al Jardine. The Beach Boys now are living legends with all good songs. They were one of the best American surf rock and rock'n' roll bands in America. They were also on an episode of Full House.

Fun Facts

*“ Brian hit the top 10; the surfer themed surfer girl (#7) and the car-titled Little Deuce Coupe (#4)"(American Singing Groups).

*“ The group toured the U.K. And was promptly voted the worlds best group in the annual NME poll, displacing the Beatles"(American Singing Groups).

*There is a city in Indiana called Kokomo but they made the title up(Songfacts).

*Did you know that Kokomo was released with the ordinal version of Little Richards“Tutti Frutti" as the B-side(Songfacts).

*Dennis and Carl Wilson both lost their lives. Carl died of Lung Cancer in 1998 and Dennis Drowned in 1983(Wikipedis).


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The Beach Boys - Kokomo (LYRICS)