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What we're up to... 10.19 - 11.16

Since last issue..

Since last issue, students have completed their SECOND formal writing piece (an analysis of characterization in the early chapters of Wish You Well by David Baldacci) and spent some time focusing specifically on developing their ability to explain evidence fully and clearly. Students brainstormed, planned, drafted, revised, and edited their pieces in class, and then they had the opportunity to take their pieces home and tweak them there before turning in a final piece on Monday, October 26th. As with their analyses on "Crash Landing," students have been given the option to revise these writing pieces and resubmit for the possibility of scoring higher.

Next, students spent a bit of time studying some of the vocabulary found in the first 1/3 of Wish You Well before quizzing on the subject on October 30th. At this point, the hardworking scholars persevered through technical difficulties to submit their first Marking Period Book Project: a video resume of their chosen novel's main character. After next brushing up on their skills in recognizing sentence fragments and run-ons, the scholars took up their reading of Baldacci's Wish You Well once more, advancing through the novel all the way to Chapter 29. Here, students took a break to re-examine the growth/change (or lack thereof!) of the novel's main protagonist: Lou. They have been completing their third formal writing piece on this topic during class the past several days; final drafts are due tomorrow in class.

This Week (11.16 - 11.20)...

Students will be focusing on some of the key vocabulary in the MIDDLE section of Baldacci's Wish You Well, studying these words in anticipation of a quiz at the start of next week. Students will pick up their reading of this book once more, as Chapters 30-35 will be due Monday, November 23rd, and we will discuss any confusion or questions students have while they are reading these last pivotal chapters of Baldacci's novel. The final section, Chapters 36 - "Today", will be due after the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Class Kudos!

Students were challenged to use one of 3 sotry starters (the picture on the right being one of them) to produce an original short story intentionally using 1 sentence fragment and 2 run-on sentences. Each student worked in pairs to produce their creations... and each submission was a smart and spectacular stack of sentence silliness! Stellar work, scholars!

Upcoming Important Dates...

  • Thursday 11.19.15 - Grades Update on Home Access Center (students checked for sports eligibility)
  • Thursday 11.19.15 - Students will be taking a PA Youth Survey during Baron Time.
  • Monday 11.23.15 - Parent/Teacher Conferences from 5-7:45 p.m. (Go to PTC-Fast to set up a time with me!)
  • Tuesday 11.24.15 - Early Dismissal for students; Parent/Teacher Conferences from 12:30 - 7:45 p.m.
  • Wednesday 11.25.15 - Monday, 11.30.15 - THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY - NO SCHOOL

Student To-Do's:

  1. Type 3 Writing - WYW Ch. 14-29 due 11.17.15
  2. WYW Ch. 30-35 Bookmark due 11.23.15
  3. PRACTICE Ch. 14-28 Vocabulary at home!

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