George W. Bush

The 43rd President

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Basic Information

Birthday: July 6, 1946

Birthplace: New Haven, Connecticut

Hometown: Midland, TX

Spouse: Laura Welch

Years Served As President: 2000-2008

Governor of Texas

Son of President George Bush

Elected without plurality of vote

Accomplishments on Certain Issuses vs. Bill Clinton

The Economy:

George Bush was famous for his economic concepts of tax cuts and a free market impersonation by de-emphasizing government roles in the private sector. He was also very criticized for the mortgage crisis that happened during his second term. However, unlike Bill Clinton, he was in the middle of two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Health Care:

Unlike Bill Clinton, George W. Bush was not for having a national health care plan. He said that he trusted people in making the right decisions about their health and that he does not think that the federal government plan. He was very opposed to the idea of a national health care plan and did not like what the Clinton administration tried to propose in 1993.

Foreign Policy:

George W. Bush was perhaps in the hardest times that involved foreign affairs. On September 11th, 2001, the tragic and biggest terrorist attack to date happened on U.S. soil. This made the former President take action. He sent troops to Afghanistan and Iraq in search of Saddam Hussein. Bush thought that he had a nuclear weapon building that he heard from the intelligence agencies. There are countless other interactions with foreign countries. It is definitely known that George W. Bush had a harder time with foreign policy than former President Clinton.

Vice President: Richard Cheney, like Bill Clinton's vice president, Albert Gore, was a very important figure in the presidency. George W. Bush assigned him a very central role in his administration.

Politics: George W. Bush followed past President, Ronald Reagan's, example of moving rapidly and focusing on his priority legislation. Clinton on the other hand, did not focus early on about his legislation. This showed when Clinton's reelection year the Republicans controlled the House and Senate.