Battle "King's Mtn."

Elizabeth, Noemi,Miranda

Date & Place Of Battle

  • Date: 7th October 1780

    Place: South Carolina, United States of America

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brief description

The battle of Kings Mountain was a military conflict between the kingdom of Great Britain and it's 13 Colonies in North America during the American revolutionary war.

The Generals on both sides

Major Patrick Ferguson commanded the Loyalist.

Ferguson was credited for having changed the course of the Revolution in the south.

The American force had many people in the same position taking charge and giving orders those people were Officers Campbell, McDowell, Sevier, Williams, Cleveland, Hambright, and Winston.

Casualties of both sides

The loyalist suffered 300 dead, and 700 captured.

The revolutionaries took 90 casualties.

The winnning Side

The battle of kings mountain ended in victory for American Colonist.
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