By: Kaleigh M.

Halloween Narrative

The Halloween Narrative is a five paragraph essay about the existing things that happened on Halloween. The reason I feel I did well is because I put a ton of details into each paragraph and made it interesting for the reader.
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Parody Poem

For the parody poem we had to change “Coming of the Cold” by Theodore Roethke to a coming of the cold sickness. The reason that I think I did well on this is because I symbolized and described what it is like during the cold (sickness) season.


The noses sniffle in the cold,

The peak of flu season begins,

The cough’s bringing a sharp sound

Has left the germs in the hallway.

Five cold symptoms flying around,

The headaches start going all over

Cough drops gone from the store shelves

A touch of warmth and then you're cold,

Students no longer feeling well,

The chance of not getting sick are thin.

The crusties dry around your eye,

The last bottle of cough syrup is picked.

All things in the washer and dryer

The clothes are set free from the germs

The eye’s grow tired and throats on fire

Soon the germs will start to retire

Fredrick Douglass Narrative Poem

For the Fredrick Douglass Narrative Poem we had to summarize chapter one of Douglass' narrative. The reason I feel I did well is because I gave examples that you could visualize and imagine.

Narrative Poem:

He is unaware of his birthday

He will never know who his father is

Taken from his mother from a young age

did not stop her from visiting

she made the rough journey through the night

Douglas only saw his mother about four times

that when she passed away it only felt like she was a stranger

He had two masters, his first was “Captain Anthony”

“Captain Anthony” was like a tiger ready to strike

“Captain Anthony” had loved to whipped women

He had somehow picked some pleasure from it

He was a vulture looking for someone to pick on

He had whipped Douglass’ Aunt till she was covered in blood

He had witnessed it one time

It had terrified him that he hid in a closet

Douglass expected it was his turn next

"I have a dream" Haiku's

For the " I have a dream" Haiku's we had to create a haiku out of the different sections of the "I have a dream speech". I feel that I did well because I wrote simple haiku's that sum up what the speech is all about.

Seven Haiku's:

Slavery ended

But punishment continued

people not equal

We are acting now

This is unacceptable

We have had enough

Never violence

Always protest peacefully

We work together

We won’t be happy

Until desegregation

And justice is served

I know the struggles

We have had great obstacles

But this will get changed

I have a dream that

We won’t be judged by color

And we can join hands

Let the freedom ring

We will sing with new meanings

We all have freedom

"Struggles of African Americans during the Civil Rights era"

For this assignment we had to find three sources about different specific things that happen to African Americans to help us write our paper. I feel that I did well because I described and gave examples of what happened to African Americans and what they had to go through.

"Struggles of African Americans during the Civil Rights era" essay:

Who wants to be beaten till blood runs down your check just because you were fighting for your freedom? Even though slavery had ended Africans still received extremely unfair treatment in the twentieth century. African Americans had little to no education and also had horrible jobs. There would be break outs of beating African Americans trying to fight for their freedom. Even schools remained segregated when America voted against segregation. College students took a stand and sat at counters that only served white Americans. Harsh events happened to African Americans, such as unfair life, beatings, and the segregation of stores/restaurants.

African Americans never got the great interesting jobs, most of the time they got the ones not many others had done. Many African Americans were farmers or had the harder labor jobs. Most of the workers in the Ford car companies were African Americans because that was one of job options that they had access to. They also had the harmful jobs such as ones at different types of machine plants. A portion of the reason that the men and woman had hard labor jobs was because they did not get good education because of the color of there skin. It is also possible that the African Americans did not get any education. They were also less likely to be able to own a home until the late 1900s. African American women were often hired when jobs had strikes because the people in charge knew they would not join them. They were basically just hired to end the strikes.(1) The African Americans were considered two class citizens. (2) African Americans did not have the easy way of life, they had the rough way of life.

Beatings of African Americans happen just because of they had a different skin color. A baptist Minister pointed out that the US government had lied about “all men are created equal.” That black and white men had to follow completely different rights. Beatings would breakout and white men would start messing with any African American they could find. Sometimes they would get so mean that it would end up killing African Americans.(2) When African Americans would sit down at white only bars they would get beaten and discriminated against. Ruby L. Brown said that “they had been kicked for two and a half hours,” because of the Jim Crow laws. Brown said that Policemen had been watching and decided to do nothing. If you did not follow the Jim Crow laws you were almost certain to have something happen.(3) It is unacceptable what had happened to African Americans at that time.

The African Americans had to follow the Jim Crow laws that separated places and things like restaurants, bathrooms, water fountains, busses, ex. In 1955 segregated schools were not allowed anymore but it did not change. Ten years latter the majority of schools still remained segregated.(2) There would be sit ins at convenience stores with bars that only served whites. It not only happened in many states it also happened in Greensboro, North Carolina. African Americans would sit for multiple hours reading books and the bible. When the whites showed up they would yell and scream at them to leave. They would also have different products from the store being thrown at them. At one sit in there were students that had gotten arrested for sitting at the whites only bar. To respond to things like this they had learned to respond nonviolently. (3)It is an embarrassing part of our past that was against the constitution.

African Americans never had the easy route to do anything around the mid-twentieth century. They had been beaten for just wanting their freedom. African Americans had to do just about everything separate from white Americans. If they chose not to follow the Jim Crow laws they would most likely end up in Jail. African Americans had tried making it better by responding with non-violence. African Americans were basically the step stool that had gotten walked all over.

Word Art

We had to draw what our word meant (doing with the vocab) and have the word somewhere on the page. I feel that I did well because I described what the meaning of delight was using the letters as different things.
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Word Art

We had to draw what our word meant (doing with the vocab) and have the word somewhere on the page. I feel that I did well because I described what uniqueness was by making each letter different.
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Vocabulary Mini Project Elation

For this project we had to show/describe what a vocabulary word meant in a clever way. I think that I did well on this mini project because it describes what the word is as if it is a person.


My friend Elation

always has happiness

She always has delight

And oh what a sight

So much Jubilation

And extreme Exhilaration

She’s on “Cloud 9”

Euphoria and Exuberance filled inside of her

She is never dreary

but she’s always cheery

you’ll never see despair

around her anywhere

She is not desolation

and definitely not misery

extreme state of happiness

but not snappiness

always exciting

and always inviting

Word Bios

For this activity we had to make up a little biography about each vocabulary word as if they were a human. We had to tell who their friends were and who there enemy's were. I feel that I did well because I drew the vocabulary people with their description on their face.
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Theme Essay "the Necklace" and "the Spider and the Fly"

For this essay we had to come up with a theme that applied to both story's and explain why. I feel that I did well because I blended my quotes well into the essay and fully explained how the theme connects to both.

Theme Essay

Vanity may cost you ten years of unneeded hard work and this distraction may cost you your life. Being obsessed with your beauty is never a good thing. In “ The Necklace” by Guy De Maupassant and “The Spider and the Fly” by Mary Howitt two characters get tripped up by there own beauty.

“That will be thirty six thousand francs,” explained the jeweler to Loisel like he would not be lowering the price any time soon. That set of words is what causes Matilda and Loisel ten years of unneeded work. In the story “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant Matilda is so overwhelmed by her beauty she makes a mistake that will cost her and her husband thirty six thousand francs. Matilda has the highest of expectations of what she wants and also has high expectations for what she wants for her husband. When her husband Loisel comes home with a ticket to the Ambassador’s Ball, she is unhappy and upset because she does not have a nice dress. All of her crying and weeping made Loisel give her 400 francs to buy a new gown. Suddenly she then realizes that she has no accessories, so she goes to her friend Forestier. She takes a long time to find a necklace, but she finally finds a diamond necklace. She goes to the ball and has a great time and even gets to dance with the ambassador. When they arrive at home Matilda looks at herself one last time a realizes that she does not have the necklace. Loisel searches all night for the necklace and still does not find it, so he tells Matilda to tell Forestier that she is getting the clasp repaired. They search and search and finally find one exactly like it at a jewelry shop.“That will be thirty six thousand francs,” says the jeweler to Loisel making him stop and think for a moment. That small mistake turns into a large one when it takes them ten years to pay it off all that money they had used to buy the necklace. Later when Matilda finds Forestier walking down the street she tells her all about it. Forestier then tells Matilda that the necklace she let her borrow was fake diamonds and only was worth about 500 francs. Matilda gets so caught up in herself that she caused her and her husband ten years of heart wrenching struggling years. If Matilda was not so obsessed and high maintenance this would have never happened.

“Thinking only of her crested head- poor foolish thing!” These words caused the fly to lose her life because she could only think of her beauty. In the poem “The Spider and the Fly” by Mary Howitt the fly is tricked at last by her beauty. The spider immediately ask the fly to come into his outstanding parlor but the fly has heard of him before. The fly’s wiseness shows when she says, “For who goes up your winding stairs will ne’er come down again.”The spider uses his deceit and tries to persuade the fly to come upstairs in his parlor. The spider does not give up easily so he offers his cozy bed and even food from his pantry. The fly is well-informed when she says, “I’ ve heard what’s in your pantry, and I do not wish to see.”The fly still does not get tricked, her audacity helps her stand up to the spider and tell that he is lying. As the spider keeps offering different thing’s the fly starts to become extremely bored. The fly gets up to leave but once the fly hears that the spider thinks she is beautiful the fly’s demeanor changes in an instant. She walks right in a sits down for the meal that the spider had offered. Right when the spider said that the fly was beautiful her cleverness turned to being overwhelmed by how luscious she is.The spider’s maliciousness shows the most when the spider jumps on top of the fly and starts his little snack. The fly is submerged by her beauty so much that her life gets taken and turned into a lovely snack for the spider. If the fly could focus on being wise and not about beauty then she probably would not be that snack for the spider.

If the fly or Matilda had not been drowning in their beauty, their life would have been a whole lot better. The reason that things ended so up bad for them because they were not thinking about anybody or anything else. They did not think about what they were doing or what the were wearing. They needed to show their responsibility and that everything is not just about them. It would have been better if they weren’t absorbed by their glamour.

"Ransom Red Chief" dialoge assignment

For this assignment we had to chose between different scenario's and write down what each person would say. I feel that I did well because I did what the scenario I chose said and made it interesting to the reader.

Scenario 3: Johnny and his dad discuss his “adventure” with Bill and Sam.

“Dad, guess what I got to do with those very nice men?” asked Johnny.

“I can only imagine,” mumbled Mr. Dorset.

“I got to play red-chief and use my slingshot and hit Mr. Bill and I…,” shouted Johnny very excited.

“You did what to that man,” yelled Mr. Dorset.

Johnny kept talking,” I got to ride on him and smash a potato down his back.. We also played Black scout and…”

“I asked you a question young man,” said Mr. Dorset getting a little bit louder.

“ I already told you what I did,” said Johnny in a sassy voice.

“ You need to learn some manners, you do not do that to those men,” screamed Mr.Dorset.

“ But,” cried Johnny.

“ I have told you to be nice before, you’re grounded,” said Mr. Dorcet as he started to walk away.