My alternate to marrying rich


Write music: Lyrics, Drums, Guitar etc..

Tour: Go city to city performing and earning money

Record and get signed: record what you've written, and get signed by a music label.

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Work Conditions

I want to play punk.

Punk is loud so I might go deaf.

I can last, probably.


Google says 37,889 but thats really not something you can calculate.

The members of Green Day are millionaires. The men of Dance Gavin Dance are very much not millionaires. Same job, different salary.

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Education Background

Nope. You don't need one. I'm going to get one because my mom wants me to, but you don't need a college education. It's good to know what you're talking about, and especially useful if you want to be a music historian.

Career Ladder

Nope. There is no career ladder. You make your career. Make more music, become more famous. There's not a set pathway.

Employment Outlook

Punk isn't alive right now, but it's being reborn currently.

There is always a new for original bands.

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Related Jobs

Music Lessons: Teach others how to play and read music

Roadie: Load and unload equipment while on tour

Labelhead: Head producer of a label


I'm crazy passionate about this career. It's not 9 to 5, which I despise.


Punk's dead.

I live in the middle of nowhere, which means I will have a lot more trouble getting out there.

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Adept in your instrument.

Passionate about music.

Knowledgable about musical history.

Knowledgable about the industry.


I already knew a lot about this I'm sorry

Heart Like a Hand Grenade - Documentary

How to Ru(i)n a Record Label

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