"That's Gay":Homosexuality in Media

Author Patrice Miller


Being a Homosexual in todays society is not okay. If you look on the internet and look for homosexual sexism ads you want see very many. If homosexual ads are not being broadcasted in the media world then as much as other sexism ads then you know there is problem. What is the problem exactly? Is it that people are afraid of seeing two men kissing on the front of a magazine or is it the fact that people are scared that their sales for their magazine will go down instead of going up. I think it is the last point. The fact that magazine sales are going to go down instead of going up. In todays world all companies care about is the money they want to advertise people that will sell so they use women and men on the front of magazines half naked by themselves because that is what sales. Most magazine companies are not willing to take the risk and put a homosexual couple on the front of their magazines because they figure if the homosexuals see a sexy guy or girl on the cover of the magazine advertising whatever they are advertising them they will still buy it. This way they are not losing sales.

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Kids View on Homosexual Marraige

People that have kids will still buy those magazines. But people with kids will not buy a magazine with homosexuals on the front of it. They do not want their kids asking them questions about why are there is two girls on a magazine cover kissing or why two boys on the front of a magazine are kissing. Kids are very curious and they like to ask questions about things. In a video about Gay Marriage and they are showing kids of different ages these videos. You can see with in the video that the little kids are very curious and they want to know why a girl is proposing to a girl and a boy is proposing to a boy. Then in the little older kids they are happy and they think it is cute. One little boy said he was sad and being Gay is bad. Then a little girl said the whole thing was crazy. The rest of the kids not understand why people would not be accepting to the fact that Homosexuals want to get married. They said that everybody should be happy for those people. They don’t see a difference as if a boy was to propose to a girl. One boy pointed out that it was like the Macklemore song same love. They don’t think it is okay for people to tell someone that they are not allowed to get married just because they want to get married to the person as the same sex as them. One little boy does not like the fact that you can get married because you are homosexual he thinks it is bad. You can see that this child parents have probably told him that this is not right and okay. This all ties back to what the parents are teaching and telling their kids. When the little boy was giving his opinion on the couples you could tell that he was just against it. It was really weird to see that because kids are usually the ones that think it is cute to see people propose to people and they don’t judge or say that it is not okay. Adults mostly say stuff like that. He didn’t even know why he felt as if being gay was not okay.

Kids React to Gay Marriage

Homosexual Equality

Homosexuals deserves to be able to be advertised on magazines together. We all know that sex sells so if it sales let it sale with homosexual couples too. A Magazine company needs to take the risk and put a homosexual couple on the front of their magazine. This need to be addressed in today's society. These people are equal and they deserve to be able to express themselves in the public eye and I feel as if social media is the way that homosexuals get their points across and also through protest. You have artist that supports Homosexuals. Macklemore is one of those Artist he came out with the song same love. They have a holiday where they are silent and they don’t speak. They want to gain awareness that is why they stay silence. Some say that silence is the most powerful scream. They just want to be treated like everyone else. They are more so accepted now than they were before. When homosexual marriage was legalized you saw more pictures of them on social media because they were happy that they got to be with their loved ones. They expressed their happiness through the pictures. It also broke out on mass media too. That is why Macklemore came out with the song Same Love so that homosexuals would feel as if it is okay to be gay and that it is okay if they are different. He supports the homosexual community and this made them happy and it help the game homosexual community politically.

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I chose to do a blog talking about homosexuals because the National Day of Silence was on April 17 and I feel as if a lot of people try to stay away from the topic of homosexuals. I believe that they should be treated like everyone else and I believe that they should be able to do the things that we do like get married, have their marriages advertised, have their daily lives seen on tv, and so on. Many people are not okay with homosexuals. It is not just adults that are not okay it is children too. Children thinking that being homosexual is not okay most likely has to do with their parents and how the tv shows that they watch portray about homosexuals. They are rarely seen on Magazine covers. They seem to make the news and the front page of the News paper. Artist support the homosexuals which I think is a very cool thing. When people see their favorite artist supporting something they usually fall in behind them and start to to believe the same thing. The artist are bringing more attention to the cause. The topic of homosexuals is not a hot topic. Not everybody jumps to talk about this topic. So the artist are making this a hot topic. They are bringing awareness to the issue that so many people seem to care so little about. The fact that homosexuals have hit social media the way they have has helped them communicate and express to others that they are just people and all they want to do is be seen as regular people. They have came a long way and they are more so accepted now then they where. Homosexual marriage has been legalized in 35 states in America or will soon be legalized. Other countries have legalized homosexual marriage. They are coming a long but they still have a ways to go. It is sad that everybody does not see them as just regular people who love just like everybody else does the only difference is they love the people of the same sex. Mass communication has really helped the homosexual people out. They are known well and more and more people are drawing awareness to them today.