Alexander Graham Bell


Inventor Biography

I am Alexander Bell, I was born March 3, 1847, in Edinburgh, Scotland. I also invented the telephone which opened nation wide communication.

I have very tan skin with a thick woolly beard, and the hair on my head wont be getting much whiter than this.

I am a very interesting man, I immigrated to Canada in 1870 then to the U.S. in 1871, and became a citizen in 1882. I was also a professor at Boston University for the deaf.

Even though I invented one of the most important things in our age I have not invented anything else.

I'm a great inventor of the industrial revolutioun because the telephone allowed people, military and the government communicat faster.

Invention Dicription

I invented what we all call today the telephone.

The telephone can be used for world wide communication, faster communication for the government, and the military.

It is better than the telegraph because you would have to translate the message using different codes, as on a telephone you can dial a number and talk right away with no codes.

People that will benefit from my invention are the ones that like to talk long distances, and anyone who needs to communicate faster than usual.

The telephone looks like a polished piece of would with a drum attached to it and a microphone attached to that and two bolts on the other end.

Invention Sales Information

My company's name is Ring Ring Industry's.

My compony logo is a capital "R" for the "Ring Ring" in Ring Ring Industry's, and the slogan is "Your last call can be your only call".

You can purchase my invention in any store a crossed the nation, and the compony ships everything from Akron, OH.

People that should purchase my invention of the telephone are people that like to make long and quick calls.

My product costs $50.00, and there are no other models at the moment by I promise there will be in the future.

Customer Testimonials

Annabelle Miller says "I do not know what I would do without the telephone my husband is always away working and it used to take so long to communicate but now we can talk to each other faster than ever."

Richard Stan says "I work for the the government and we had such a hard time communicating to other people, and the military. It would some times even take days, but with the telephone we can talk to each other in minutes."