AP Images

Chronicling Life in Pictures

What you'll find there...

  • Historical photo archive dating from the 1880's to 1996.
  • The week in review
  • US and International News

How you can search it...

  • Keyword, text string or Boolean searching works
  • "arrived within" you can find photos added within the past hour
  • search by people, location, event or even photographer

Special Search features...

  • search by color (the dominant hue in the photograph)-- yellow:hue
  • obituary search-- obit: Reagan
  • concept search --grief: concept
  • APTOPIX -- top pictures selected daily by AP editors around the globe

How do I find AP Images?

AP Images is a database found in the POWER Library. You have access to this database in school from any computer. You can gain access to the POWER Library at home through your local libraries.

Please click on the links below for more information about at-home access.