Mrs. Grillo: Science Teacher Mentor

The Ideal candidate for Science K-5

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"Children need to be active; actively engaged, actively learning, and actively a citizen." - Chelsea Grillo

In my classroom we move and groove, chant and dance, all while learning science. Students are active, interested, and understand the meaning for their learning because of the real world application. Children need to have the ability to think more now than ever!


I have had the privilege of contributing to North Zulch ISD with input into district operations by sitting on multiple committees. I have organized a Science Investigation Conference (similar to a science fair without judging) for the district, Fire Prevention week, supplied teachers with activites and coordinated with the volunteer fire department for a real life presentation, created science lessons aligned to PreK curriculum and TEKS K-6th for Dr.Seuss Reading Week. While serving as a leader on my campus for science instruction, I have assisted teachers in integrating technology and vocabulary development into the district science curriculum. in 2015, I contributed in the development and release of the TASA iTunes U 3rd-5th Science course and presented multiple times at Region 6 Service Center. Additionally, I have mentored teachers in my own district, a student teacher from Texas A&M University, and served as a Region 6 representative through the Science Teacher Mentor Program with the Texas Regional Collaborative.

My Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy for teaching is quite simple: Meet them where they are, and be the bridge to get them where they need to be. Each child walks into my classroom and regardless of their academic or social background - I believe they can be successful. My job is to create experiences and build student's background knowledge to help them overcome the lack of exposure they may have from limited resources. In order for my students to get the full experience, together, we explore how the content is relevant to them and their future. Often times, I will teach below grade level to make a concept meaningful so they will have the knowledge to understand the basis of the new learning. This is the first step on the journey to making learning meaningful and stick as a memory! Once students find meaning, they will want to learn more and more! Connecting all the dots for students is the greatest part of my work! I have aligned my classroom to the student’s capabilities, physically and intellectually, while evaluating each student's growth over time. Through this, we can determine success. Overall, bridging student learning is key!

Lifelong Learner

To strengthen and improve myself as a teacher, I will continue to be as active of a learner as I expect my students to be. Lifelong learning is what propels us! I graduated with a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction so I may continue to help other educators, as well as enhance my practice. My culminating project for graduate school was on vocabulary development in the science classroom. Science instruction is my passion and I want to help every educator have the resources they need and understanding necessary to deliver quality instruction.