The Dark Side of the Chocolate

By: Chelsie Lim

How does this film relate to economics?

Selling and making the cocoa is relating to economics. They use children to make chocolate who are only in their young age, away from their families, and paid none or poor wages.

What is the bias of the film?

All of the companies know about the child slavery but doesn't do anything about it because they are making money out of it. This film is trying to inform us about child trafficking that is used in the chocolate industry. They go over to film the proof about the rumors of child labor since the companies are denying the fact, and show people and tell them that the rumors are true.

Does this film present objective information?

Yes, child slaves is used to work on cocoa plantation. This documentary is to inform about the fair trade policies into the manufacturing of chocolate to reduce child labor.


Filmmakers from Germany tries to find out the truth of the rumors of child labor in the chocolate industry because the representatives of some of the companies denied the rumors of child trafficking. So they went over to Mali and to Ivory coast to investigate. After investigating they found out that child labor was true and child slaves are from Mali to Ivory coast for the cocoa plantation.


It was informative it showed that the chocolates we were eating are made from child slaves/labor. I disagree with this. Making little kids, who are 10-15, work paying them poor wages or none is bad for the kids. I think people should watch this film to see what kind of chocolate or what company chocolate they are eating who are using child slaves to make this product, and realize that this is bad and notice that.


" While first world kids are enjoying the sweet taste, reality is rather different for Africa's children "

" The chocolate industry signed a treaty called Harkin- Engal to stop child labor and trafficking "

2 Questions

Why is making children work with cocoa plantation unsafe?

- Little kids, who are only 10-15 years old, are forced to work hard labor and they are physically abused. Machetes are given to little kids to cut the cocoa, and they have to carry heavy loads.

Why do they use child labor?

- They use children because kids are easier to control and you don't have to paid them and you can tell them what to do. Traffickers get money from the owner of the plantation to smuggle kids over.


I rated 3 chocolates bars

Production information

Director- Miki Mistrati, U. Roberto Romano

Producer- Helle Faber

Production Company- Bastard Film

Distributions- DR TV International sales, YLE

Locations filmed- Mali, Germany, Switzerland, Ivory coast

Year- 2010