Beach Buddies' Bulletin

December 7-11, 2015

Greetings from Kindergarten!

As always, the month of December is flying by! Remember I will be at a tech conference on Monday and Tuesday. We will have a guest teacher! Please remind your kindergartner to use his/her CARES values even when I am gone. Thank you! :)

Word Workshop

In word workshop we have been writing words with A and I in the middle. Can your child write these words?

tin, fat, tap, pat, pin, sip, has

Grinch Making

We have some awesome grinches hanging in the hallway. We have loved reading, writing, and creating for the holidays!


Have you heard our elf has been hiding around our classroom? We have also been talking about other holiday traditions and have learned about the holidays of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

Morning Meeting

Morning meeting continues to be a the best way to start our kindergarten day. We begin with a greeting and move onto sharing, an activity, and news for the day.

Blog update

Our latest blog post shares a video from Scarecrow Day and our Thanksgiving Fruit Feast.

iPad Apps

Chatterpix Kids is a free, creative app that the kindergartners can use independently to share thinking. We'll be using it next week to make connections to books.

Grinch Day

Friday is GRINCH Day! Remember to wear green! The kindergartners are also invited to bring something to share/show the class that would make the grinch grin.

Upcoming Important Dates:

December 17 - 5th and 4th graders play

December 18 - Grinch Day --WEAR GREEN!!!!

December 21- Cookie Bake...let me know if you are interested in helping us that morning beginning right at 8:00. ** afternoon walk to the high school for another play by the 5th graders

December 23 -Caroling around AES

January 4 - Back to School

January 14th - Family Reading Night

As you can see, we have some busy days ahead! We still squeeze in lots of reading, writing, and math work in between the fun! We try hard to stick to our routine as much as possible on these exciting days. Have a great week!

Wishing you peace

and everything good,