3K News!

Week of March 16th-20th, 2015


3/23: Report Cards Available on Genesis

3/25: Family Night for The Book Fair

3/27: Talent Show HMHS (7:00 PM)

4/2: 3K's Book Nook Cafe (8:10 AM)

4/3: Half Day (Snow Makeup Day)

4/6-4/10: Spring Recess

Get Hooked On A Good Book At 3K's Book Nook Cafe!

Who: All third grade students. Students may bring a special adult guest.

What: Start your day the fun way at our reading cafe! Join us on Thursday morning April 2nd with breakfast and a book, newspaper, tablet, or magazine.

Bring: The cafe is BYOB- Bring Your Own Breakfast. Students and guests should also bring reading material. Feel free to bring any books purchased at the Tatem Book Fair, too!

Where: Room 209

When: April 2nd at 8:10 a.m.- 8:40 a.m.

A Tournament Of Books

Inspired by College Basketball's March Madness, 3K has started A Tournament of Books! Students chose 16 books to be considered in the starting Sweet 16. After students have read all of the books, they will narrow down their selection to the Elite 8, then the Final 4, until we are left with our championship game with our final 2 books. The winning book of 2015 will be announced at our Book Nook Cafe on April 2nd!
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Dream Houses!

This week students let their imagination soar as they thought about their dream houses. Students created a blue print of their dream house, where they thought about the layout and the different rooms that they would want. After creating their blue print, students measured the area and perimeter of each room and of their entire house. Students loved practicing their math skills while solving a real-world problem.