Space Race

The Cold War’s Competition

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for man kind.” -Neil Armstrong

As the Cold War raged on, the United Sates and Soviet Union were constantly at each others necks, though not always on the battle field. The two countries tried to top each others with many different strategies including, the creation of a more advanced bomb and becoming the first explorers of outer space. The latter resulted in many significant advances, not only to our counties, but to man kind.
Though the space race resulted in many great advancements for humanity, it was driven in part by dark motives. Brinkmanship pushed both countries to their limits during the Cold War, and the Atomic Bomb was created during this time. Although that same desire to out do each other inspired the space race, the results were far less destructive. Instead we opened the doors to new discoveries of the unknown and created a path for exploration of the future generations.