Futures W.A.G. 2.23.15


Week at a Glance Contents

I Reflection/Shout Outs

II What is going well, What needs improvement

III Deliverable Items

IV Instructional

V Behavioral

VI The Week Ahead:

I Reflection/ Shout Outs

Sondra visited last week and gave us some great feedback. We saw teachers using the workshop model, a GLAD vocabulary strategy , and a shared reading. I was able to visit a few classes last week and saw some incredible work in SEL: class meetings, mindfulness breathing, and many teachers using a morning greeting at the door. Great Work! I have a challenge for you this week in reading workshop: see if every day you can stick to no more than a 10-15 minute mini-lesson. Feel ok about turning the students loose to read sooner than you usually do and see how that goes.

Thank you Leesa, Mary , Shannon, Mike , Charlotte , Emiliana and Keya: All of you were prepared for your absences in the last few weeks. . It was no one's fault that classes were split, it happens. In the future I will see if I can have a stand-by sub if our STIP can't be in. I'm not sure if that is allowed, but maybe if we designate a sub for assessment support it could be done.

I really appreciate that you left work and plans. Not one sub complained and overall they were happy with our students. I have made a big deal downtown that are subs need to be here on time . A special shout out to Evodia and Rachel for juggling class coverage etc. during this rocky period.

II What is going well, What needs improvement

Going well: Evodia and I are noticing that are copiers are breaking down less and we are overall using less paper, thank you! I also see teachers being very strict about late passes, thanks. Also, I really appreciated the one morning where I visited each class and saw such happy greetings by teachers. Also, overall, we are doing well in getting our signed attendance to Ida. Also, you are doing a great job with field trips: communicating with me and the cafeteria etc. Thank you for your patience with the endless parade of cupcakes that came in over Valentine's Day. I remember that feeling of seeing the cupcakes and how I had no idea why there was no "heads up" . Halloween and Valentine's Day are a big deal at Futures. It means a lot to the parents.

Needs Improvement:

Careful with THEFT!! I'm seeing doors open again , rooms unattended. You know what that means: goodbye $1000 in electronics, phones, etc. . Please be careful.

We had 75 office referrals in January. Many of the students never had a lunch detention before getting to me (As evidenced by the clipboard in cafeteria) even in the cases where the steps occured throughout the day (vs. one big incident) and in many of those cases I found that the parents have not been called. I apologize if I could not get to your referral but 75 is a lot to handle. Please follow the hierarchy and use the tracker. If the calls are getting to be a bit much for certain kids then consider texting or even just saying "Your child is being called because they received step 4. " Thank you for your attention to this.

III Deliverable Items

Evodia and I worked on this Saturday:

It's a list of items due or coming due:


I know it's essentially recording things 3x but I do expect F and P in the Google tracker, on Scantron, and on the form itself. Here is link to our F and P tracker.


If you have not already done the California Healthy Kids (CHKS) staff survey, here it is :

California Healthy Kids Survey



IV Instructional

Report Cards will go home on March 13. Please see some important information here from an email sent to principals:


SUBJECT: TIME-SENSITIVE Important Report Card Information

Thank you so much for starting early on your students’ report cards for the second trimester. Since the last marking period, the Common Core transitional report card has undergone technical revisions in order to align it to an all standards-based format. Since you and a few other colleagues may have entered your grades/comments before February 14th and before the completion of all technical changes please note:

  1. Save any writing in the second trimester “Comments” section in another format; i.e., Microsoft Word or other word-processing software. There is a small possibility that they might not be saved during the completion of the technical changes.

  1. If you entered scores in the “Social Skills and Work Habits” section please note that the 2nd trimester scores will be deleted since this section has been replaced with the “Social and Emotional Learning” section (please enter after February 25th).

  1. If you have not entered scores in the SEL section please enter scores for each student in the “Social and Emotional Learning” section after February 25th.

  1. Please contact me, if you need assistance. Lisa Spielman

We plan to have all technical changes to the transitional report card completed by Wednesday, February 25. Between now and February 25th, you may continue to enter student scores (except in SEL) and comments. As noted above, it is always best to keep a backup copy of the “Comments” section in another format such as MS Word, Pagemaker, etc.

V Behavioral

Regulating room temperature: I know this is a little crazy coming from me, since I am always feeling that a room is too hot, but I do really think it has an effect on behavior and attention. If your room is facing the playground you may really need to have some windows open. I noticed a couple times last week that students looked like they had been in the desert all day. Maybe you run cold? Take a look at the students though, if they are falling asleep in the afternoon that is going to impede learning.

Ongoing this Week

“Chicks” survey CHKS (California Healthy Kids Survey) to parents will go home in batches this week as soon as we receive your new English/ Spanish count needed for a parent to do survey. Please collect in class. Raffle for parent winner, highest % class=pizza in March. The fifth grade permission to take in class on computer will go out in a couple days.

Chocolate Fundraiser: just like cookie dough, minimal work for teacher. Parent Maisha Smith is in charge of this.

Staff/Student Kickball game pledge for sportsmanship etc. to parent volunteer mailbox. Parent LaRika Lee is in charge of this. Date to be determined.

Yearbook: we are going to have a Lifetouch yearbook for anyone who wants to buy one. The fifth grade will be the bulk of it, but there will be photos of many other students too. The photographer will be here this Wednesday to take random photos.

Prize cart: Leah bought prizes and I had a donation too. Parents will restock Monday.

PLC this week: your time for testing

PD this week on Wednesday: Math and Committees

Just added to Calendar this Week:

Just Added to Calendar: This Friday whole school assembly Pandora at 10:00.-10:50 Please report to cafeteria by 9:50.


Report cards will go home March 13. See more information on completing them above

Date for Black History Month Assembly has been moved to March 19. 9:00-10:30. Sorry about the confusion. We have 5 performances signed up so far. That gives us time. Please sign up.

Staff Appreciation Party: SAVE THE DATE!! Friday, March 27th in Burlinghame. Jude and I will take care of food. Please plan on bringing beverages and consider carpooling.

The Week in Review:

Monday, February 23

Big Testing Week: By Friday : Math MOY, F and P (please enter in tracker plus Scantron), Grade 3 SIRA, Grades K-1 Dibels, and SRI only for students for ELL reclassification (Leah’s email)

8:30am Colleen Tiffenson Cover Leah for parent meeting

8:55am "college/career ready count" to office 9AM

9:00am **Due to Ida Jonson today: Signed blue/black pen,full signature, same date as report Attendance Report

10:00am *Biweekly Meeting Brian and David Rosenthal Math

10:00am **auditorium/music/Tanton &Emi

12:05p **auditorium/music/Ms. Harrell

1:00pm **auditorium/music/Mr. Gonzalez

Tuesday, February 24

Big Testing Week: By Friday : Math MOY, F and P (please enter in tracker plus Scantron), Grade 3 SIRA, Grades K-1 Dibels, and SRI only for students for ELL reclassification (Leah’s email)

8:55am "college/career ready count" to office 9AM

12:15pm Music in Class/Mrs. Duncan

12:45pm **auditorium/music/Ms. Nakamura

12:50pm Kinder/First Physical Fitness (Coach gets students from class) teacher outside 1:45)

1:50pm **auditorium/music/ Ms. Wegner

3:05pm Spring 2015 PBIS (Positive Behavior) Team Meeting @portable C

Wednesday, February 25

Big Testing Week: By Friday : Math MOY, F and P (please enter in tracker plus Scantron), Grade 3 SIRA, Grades K-1 Dibels, and SRI only for students for ELL reclassification (Leah’s email)

**Farmer Market On Campus: Classes welcome

Minimum Day

Photographer from Lifetouch on campus today for Yearbook photos. Student council photo first thing in the morning


Mr. Purcell meets with Sondra Aguilera

8:30am Rachel in charge (outside greeting, help coordinate photographer) Brian meets with Sondra A

8:55am "college/career ready count" to office 9AM

10:00am in class/music/ Ms. Patalano

11:45am **in class/music/ Ms. Williams

2:00pm Wednesday PD @ portable C : Bring Laptop

4:00pm Mr. Purcell attends California Grade 5 Physical Fitness Test Training

Thursday, February 26

Big Testing Week: By Friday : Math MOY, F and P (please enter in tracker plus Scantron), Grade 3 SIRA, Grades K-1 Dibels, and SRI only for students for ELL reclassification (Leah’s email)

First Grade: Oakland Museum of CA

8:55am "college/career ready count" to office 9AM

10:00am **COST in 214

12:05pm **auditorium/music/ Ms. Aguilera

12:50pm Grades two /Three Physical Fitness (Coach gets students from class, teacher meets outside at 1:45 )

1:45pm **auditorium/music/ Ms. Porter

1:50pm **auditorium/music/ Kindergarten

4:30pm Ms. Duncan's student Rescheduled SST (E.O.) Principal office

Friday, February 27

Big Testing Week: By Friday : Math MOY, F and P (please enter in tracker plus Scantron), Grade 3 SIRA, Grades K-1 Dibels, and SRI only for students for ELL reclassification (Leah’s email)

EOU- Opinion Writing

8:30am **Parent Cafe Portable A

8:30am Meet Mr. Purcell in Garden

8:55am "college/career ready count" to office 9AM

10:00am Whole School Pandora Assembly 10-10:50

12:50pm Grades Four Physical Fitness (Coach gets students from class, teacher meets outside at 1:45 )

1:50pm New Time : Grade 5 fitness . Coaches get students. Teachers pick up at end.