By: Caroline Sapp & Jose Ferrer

Who Celebrates Pongal (people&country)

~ The people that celebrate this holiday are Hindus.

~ India is the country where they celebrate.


~ This festive day lasts four days long, it is from January 15th - 19th of this year, 2015.

~ Hindus consider this date as auspicious, which means to show that future success is likely.


~ People who celebrate Pongal are mostly Hinduism.

~ Hinduism is considered the world's oldest religious and philosophical system.


~ The first day is called Bhogi, many people burn and get rid of old household items and purchase new household items on this day, it marks the start of a new cycle.

~ The second day is Perum, also known as Surya , and is the most important day of Pongal. Many people worship the sun god, Lord Surya by offering prayers on this day. Many people also wear new clothes and women decorate houses with designs using rice flour and red clay.

~ Mattu is the third day and includes worshipping cattle because it is believed that cattle help give a good harvest.

~ The fourth day is called Kanum , which is when many people go on picnics and spend time with families and friends.

~ The Pongal festival also includes exchanging gifts, dancing, and buffalo-taming contests.


~ Tamil Nadu is the city where this occasion originally came from.

~ The schools, collages , and businesses related to agriculture in south and central India remain closed during the four days of celebration.


~ This moment marks the start of the sun's six-month long journey northwards.

~ The sun, the chariot, and wheat grains are symbols commonly associated with Pongal.

~ Many states in India, such as Tamil Nadu, celebrate Pongal as a thanksgiving for the good harvest season in mid January every year.

~ The foods eaten in India and especially during the break to celebrate are made with rice.

~ Almost every food dish provided was cooked in clay pots.


~ Every year the date changes by increasing one day next time it occurs in the month of January.

Example: next year in 2016 the new dates will be January 16th - 20th.