Learning Strategy #34 - Alexis Cunningham

What are "Quilts?"

Students design quilt squares that correspond with a book or story they have read. The middle of the square is where the students draw a picture or scene from the book. The outer sides of the square are where students can write quotes from the book or their own creative writing about the book.
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Based on the book: Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

Why use "Quilts" in your classroom?

Story quilts are a great way to get your students to use their viewing and visually representing skills to demonstrate their comprehension of the book; they must be able to pick out the theme of the text or the "big idea." It also allows students to understand how colors and designs can effect their quilt square.

When to use "Quilts?"

Quilts should be used as a final project for a book or literature concept because the focus for this strategy is placed on comprehension.

How to:

  • Design the quilt square
  • Make the square
  • Assemble the quilt

*Can be made from paper or fabric.

Common Core State Standards for ELA: Quilts

  • Students integrate information presented in varied media and formats to understand a topic.
  • Students determine the theme of a story.
  • Students analyze how visual elements contribute to meaning.

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