Against all odds

By: Ryan Jasek

Michael Jordan

First in 1963 Michael Jordan was born. Second in 1978 Michael Jordan tried out for his high school varsity team and he only made the junior varsity team, he was so upset that he only made it on junior varsity. Third in 1981 Michael Jordan was enrolled at the University of North Carolina, and he was eventually an important member of the basketball team. After that in 1982 he and his team won the NCAA championships. Then in 1984 Michael Jordan was appeared in the Olympic games. Meanwhile he finished his bachelor's degree in 1985 and continued playing basketball. No longer after Jordan helped the US team bring back a gold medal in 1992, Prior to winning their third NBA championship. During the 1992-93 season his father James Jordan was shot during a robbery of 2 teenagers. Shortly after that Michael Jordan retired. Then Michael came back to the court in 1995 to win another championship. After that in 2006 he got married to Juanita Vanoy. Shortly after in December 2006 Jordan got in divorce with his wife Juanita Vanoy.

Nick Vujicic and Bethany Hamiltion

Nick Vujicic, a man that was born with no arms and legs, and Bethany Hamilton, a woman that lost her arms in a surfing accident with a shark are both different and alike in many ways. Some ways that Nick and Bethany similar to each other is they both lost some limb on their body. They are also both alike because they both have to face many difficult challenges in their lives. Some ways that Nick had to face challenges was he had to deal with the kids at his school making fun of him because he had no arms or legs. Also he had to face more challenges like being depressed because he looks different than the other kids in his school, lastly he would falter a lot because he had no legs or arms to catch himself. On the other hand Bethany had to face many challenges too, like losing her left arm to a tiger shark at age thirteen. Today Nick and Bethany are pulling off stunts that are really cool. One thing that Nick did was he goes and speaks up to other children throughout the world. Bethany today still surfs the waves. These two people are both different and alike in so many ways.

Jim Abbott

Jim Abbott had a problem and the problem was he has no right hand. Jim Abbott was born with no right hand but that did not stop him from playing his main sport, baseball. Since Jim Abbott was born with no right hand, he played lower body sports such as soccer. A lot of people told Jim to try something else other than baseball. But Jim was just so happy whenever he watched his neighborhood games. He wanted to play so bad that he started learning how to play field and how to throw and finally how to bat. One challenge for him was batting, he batted by putting the bat on his right arm and using his left and to swing. While Jim was playing baseball all throughout his life he just played not emphasizing that he doesn’t have a right hand.
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Anthony Robles and Jim MacLaren

Anthony Robles and Jim MacLaren are both similar and different to each other in many ways. Some ways that they are similar is they both lost a leg and they both have conquered many achievements. Some achievements that Anthony Robles got was he won his college national wrestling championship. Achievements that Jim MacLaren got was completing the iron man triathlon. These people are also very different in many ways too. Anthony Robles differs from Jim MacLaren in many ways because Anthony was born without a right leg and on the other hand Jim got run over by a bus. But losing a leg did not stop any of them from becoming either a runner or a wrestler.

Jessica Cox

Jessica cox is a woman that was born with a rare birth defect and was born with no arms. She is a courageous woman that can accomplish being the first woman to fly a plane with no arms. She was a very resilient person because she had to take three years instead of 6 months to get her flying license. When she was getting her flying license she had to be really brave.

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