My Unawaring Embarrassing Moment

Avery Winters

My embarrassing moment is when I tripped over my chair in Mrs.Radar's classroom .When I walked in Mrs.Radar's classroom I was talking to Alexis and I forgot the chairs were connected to the desk so I tripped over my chair.For the next 10 minutes I was on the floor laughing.The whole entire time in Mrs.Radar's room is was trying not to laugh.And the whole entire 2nd half of the class was laughing.

After doing that,I thought I was very stupid and unaware for tripping over my chair. In

sixth period I tried to react from what I did in reading.Well I should not have done that because I scratched by neck on my band binder.For the whole entire time in band me neck was burning.And playing the flute while having a scratched neck is not fun.Now I have a scar from were my band binder scratched me.

I learned that I should never talk to Alexis while walking to my chair.Now Alexis keeps on reminding me that I am the least aware out of everybody in the sixth grade.He also tries to do what I did.Jaycee also keeps on telling me of what I did.I will definitely not talk to Alexis while I am walking or not be paying attention to the chairs and desk.

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