SMNPS Tech News

Term 3 2013 No.2

How to use QR codes in the classroom

QR codes - or quick response codes - are becoming more popular in our smartphone obsessed world. Now, these weird little square barcodes can serve many purposes in our classrooms as well. Students are able to quickly access information and have a great platform to showcase their work.

QR Readers

QR code readers are available for iPad, iPhone and android tablets.

QR Generators

The following websites allow you to generate QR codes to websites and your own simple text.

QR code ideas for the classroom

The use of QR codes in the classroom is limited only by your imagination. They can be used to provide highly engaging lessons in all KLA's.

Why not try -

  • quick links to websites
  • QR code treasure hunts
  • links to audio of students explaining their work
  • create games using QR codes