Jacob's Rescue

a Holocaust Story

Main Characters

Jacob Gutgel is a Jew that has escaped his Ghetto before getting killed. He goes by the name Genyek because that is his fake non Jewish name called by his family that is hiding him. Alex is the Father of the family that took in Jacob. Alex is very kind and respectful, he cares about everyone else and not just about himself. Mela Rosan is the Mother of the family that took in Jacob. Mela Roslan is a caring women but she cares too much about her family then about Jacob and the Jews that they hide in there house.


In Poland, during World War 1 Jacob is taken in by a non Jewish family a Polish family, that cares for him and still runs the risk of getting caught but doing it out of the kindness of there hearts. Jacob is very kind to the family and meets the kids that Alex and Mela Rosan have. Jacob earns there respect. The Nazis are killing Jews and sending then to death camps and ghettos.The family end up taking in Jacobs brother Sholom which dies of Scarlet fever and then they take in David Jacobs other brother which they don't get along well. The family then sells there house to pay for Jacobs surgery to keep him alive. Yurek gets shot i the street and it is very hard for the faniky to take. They are all saved by the Russian army and saved, Jacob and his brother and then resonates with there Dad.

Righteous among nations

Alex and Mela Rosan risk there lives and there kids lives to save a life of a Jew during WWII. They take him in in during the peak of the war when all Jews are being deported and killed. ( Hiding a Jew)

They take time, effort and food to give Jacob a boost because he needs it more than anyone. ( Feeding a Jew )

When Jacob gets sick they sell the house to bribe the nurses to do the surgery on a jew. They gave up everything to keep him alive and healthy. ( Aiding a Jew )

These actions are those that earn the Righteous Among Nations award.


I think this book there was a very special quote that was said by Jacob to his 8 year old daughter with Alex and Mela Rosan at the table one day. The quote was

"When Uncle David and I were children in Poland, The German Nazis hunted the Jewish people and killed many of them."

To hear that quote would be very scary and heartbreaking. I think that those words mean a lot and tell a lot. She was very surprised and scared to hear, but she asked questions and cared about what he had to say which is very meaningful.


I think this book was very touching and had a very good story. This boy had to go through a lot and stayed strong and survived through it. All my respect goes to him and his family. This story was interesting an d an emotional story. This story meant a lot to many people.