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Today Titanium is used for lots of things. These things include, buildings, golf clubs, laptops, bicycles, and crutches. Also Titanium is used in surgical applications such as in joint replacements like in hip joints and in tooth implants.Titanium is very important today because it is used in everyday lives.
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Chemical Symbol

In the photo above is the chemical symbol for Titanium. This symbol represents the Titans of Greek Mythology, after which the element is named. It is based on early votive offering figures. The elements name originated from the Greek word Titans meaning "first sons on Earth."


Titanium is a silvery white, hard, shiny, and strong metal. When the element is in room temperature it stays in the solid state at 20 degrees Celsius. Titanium has and atomic mass of 47.87 and the atomic number is 22.

In each atom there is 22 electrons, 22 protons, and 26 neutrons.

First arresting officer

Geologist William Gregor is the founder of Titanium. Gregor was born on December 25 1761. He grew up in Cornwall, England. He is the son of Francis Gregor and Mary Copley. He married Charlotte Anne Gwatkin and they had one daughter. William Gregor passed away on June 11, 1817.
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Report of first arest

Titanium was discovered in 1791. During this time William Gregor was a mineralogist and a pastor in a village in Cornwall, England. While he was a mineralogist he came across an unknown metal that he named maniacanite. In 1791 Martin Heinrich Klaproth discovered what is now titanium. Believing that this was a new discovery he named the metal titanium. Eventually it was clarified that Gregor made the discovery of the metal first. Gregor was given all the credit with the discovery but kept the name Klaproth had chosen.

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On the periodic table titanium is a transition metal and is in group 4. The element is the ninth most abundant in the Earths crust. Titanium is usually present in deposits that are located in North America, Australia, Malaysia, and Scandinavia. A fun facts is that titanium takes up 0.57% of the Earths crust.

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    Titanium tetrachloride is not found naturally in the environment. It is made from minerals that contain titanium. It is used to make titanium metal and other titanium containing compounds, such as titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is used as a white pigment in paints and other products and to produce other chemicals.


When titanium is in its pure form it is generally safe.
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In the photo above the titanium plates have been put in between the two joints in someones knee.
Titanium tetrachloride + water violent reaction


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