Mrs. Chesworth's Classroom News

4th grade: Week of May 2nd


5/4: Star Math

5/11: Star Reading

5/12: Smarter Balanced ELA

5/13: Field Trip to Recycling plant

5/16: Smarter Balanced Math

5/17: STEM night (5:30-7:15)

5/18: Smarter ELA performance Tasks

5/25: Smarter Math performance Task

** There are lots of dates for testing. We broke up the testing so the kids are not overwhelmed in one day with too much testing. ***


There are multiple students who are struggling to complete classwork in a timely manner. I have started either sending home classwork that does not get completed or having students stay in at recess to finish the work. I have also spoken to students about making sure they finish work. It is very important that all students finish classwork daily. Please encourage your students to continue working hard!

Testing Information: PLEASE READ!!!!

The performance tasks are viewed as a means to differentiate the test by using a hands on activity that allows all types of different learning modalities an equal opportunity to show their knowledge. During the second part of the performance task, they reflect upon what they learned. The difference in the test and the performance task is they are actually completing an activity and not just taking a test.

As you can see, we have a lot to get through. I try to keep testing low key as some students experience anxiety around high-stakes testing. We will work through all of it and simply encourage students to do their very best. Please try to encourage early bedtimes on the nights before testing as well as eating a healthy breakfast that morning.

Last, if you have access to google chrome, please follow the link to give your child the opportunity to logon and take the practice tests. You can leave all the fields as “guest” as long as you fill in the grade. (The grade choice is on the second page, so just click on “sign in” on the first page.) Then you can take practice tests in ELA and in Math. The more students practice the easier the actual test-taking will be. We are providing opportunities for them in class, it is just limited to when we have access to technology.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Homework for the next few weeks!!

Homework will begin to look a little different:) I am switching up some of the math to make sure we get to all the standards expected in 4th grade. We have kept very good pace this year in our math! Last week we learned how to use a protractor and we will begin to talk about changing a fraction into a decimal. Please just pay close attention to your child's agenda because all homework will be listed daily in their agenda.

Pool Field Trip

We will have our end of the year celebration/ trip to the JCC. There is a huge outdoor pool, some fields, volleyball, etc. It is sure to be a very fun day!! The students will have to take a swim test in order to be allowed in the deep end at the pool and the pool has plenty of lifeguards for the day. Please be aware if there are any extreme behavior concerns from now until the end of the year your child will be required a chaperone or will be staying back at school. If you are interested in chaperoning please contact me:)

STEM Night

Please come out to school on Tuesday May 17th for our STEM night:) We will be providing dinner (Thank you PTA!!) and students will have various opportunities to practice STEM related curriculum. I will be contacting a few parents to ask for student volunteers to stay after and help run stations. As 4th graders, many of the students have the opportunity to belong to the Leader Corps next year and I would like them to start looking at themselves as leaders in our school!
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