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Lincoln Middle School Receives the First Ever Opportunity Culture Model School Award

On April 15, 2021, leaders in the Arkansas Department of Education traveled to LMS to surprise school leaders and staff with the first ever Arkansas Opportunity Culture Model School Award. The award was presented by Karli Saracini, ADE Assistant Commissioner of Educator Effectiveness & Licensure; Andy Sullivan, Director of Licensure; and Kelly McLaughlin, Program Advisor. This award designates Lincoln Middle School as a leader in the state in the Opportunity Culture program, and it will allow other schools to visit LMS to see how this initiative helps support teachers and raise student achievement.

Opportunity Culture is an initiative of Public Impact that allows strong teachers to take on advanced leadership roles inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers with proven success can earn an increase in their responsibilities and pay by teaching more students and/or taking on roles to support other teachers. Also as a part of this program, all teachers have the opportunity to collaborate in content and grade-level teams, and teachers have the support of MCLs (Multi-Classroom Leaders). MCLs support teachers and students in the classroom, assist teachers with curriculum and lesson planning, and lead teacher Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). LMS will begin its third year of Opportunity Culture implementation in the 2021-2022 school year.

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Lincoln Wolves Archery Club 4th & 5th Grade Team Places Second in the Regional Tournament

During the 2020-2021 school year, Lincoln Middle School PE teacher Justin Bounds created the Lincoln Wolves Archery Club (LWAC) through the National Archery in Schools Program. Forty students in grades 4-8 completed the season. The 4th and 5th grade team placed second in the region and went on to compete in the state tournament.

The archery program has helped students experience new things and engage in a sport that they can participate in throughout their lives. "[My son is] the quiet type and he's getting outside of his comfort zone so this is good for him," said Kevin Geng, a parent and teacher volunteer with the archery program.

The LWAC is just one example of Lincoln Middle School's mission to help students explore and develop talents and skills that they can use throughout their life.

Deadline for School Choice Application - May 1st, 2021

All families in Arkansas can choose the school they would like their students to attend. If you would like your child to attend Lincoln Middle School, please visit or call our school office (479-824-7400) and we would be happy to assist you!

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Pictured above: Students who won the Judges Choice Award at the 2021 Arkansas EAST Conference. The Lincoln EAST program allows students to gain real-world experience with technology, all while serving the community.

LMS Core Beliefs

  • School should be a safe place where kids can explore and develop their own talents.
  • Life skills, citizenship, character, socialization, and respect are important for kids’ future success.
  • All teaching & learning should have a purpose for each individual student.
Lincoln Middle School

Lincoln Middle School Chess Team Ranks Nationally

For several years, the Lincoln Middle School chess team has been building a reputation as one of the strongest chess teams in the state, and the team has even placed on a national level.

In 2017, the LMS team competed at Supernationals in Nashville, TN, and they finished first place in the K-6 unrated division. In 2019, the 7th grade team, many who were finishing their fourth year in the chess program, came away as the 6th best team in the entire country. One student, Chiking Vang, finished third place in the nation in his class.

While they love winning, LMS Chess students also know that playing chess builds lifelong skills, win or lose. Chess can help students improve their problem solving and critical thinking skills, and it builds integrity and character by teaching focus, sportsmanship, and perseverance.

While the LMS Chess Team went on temporary hiatus during the 2020-2021 school year because of COVID-19, many students continued to play chess and build their skills on their own. We are excited about what the future holds for these students!
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A School of Innovation

Lincoln Middle School has been designated by the Arkansas Department of Education as a School of Innovation. This means that our school is on the cutting edge, leading the state in the move toward student-centered learning. Below are a few ways that LMS is innovating in teaching and learning:

  • Outdoor & Physical Education - Our campus features a hammock park, outdoor classroom, indoor climbing wall, and mountain biking pump track. Some of our past programs have included: morning yoga sessions, survival skills classes, geocaching, camping trips, and trips to Lincoln Lake for canoeing, hiking, fishing, and rock climbing. Coming in the 2021-2022 school year - a brand new outdoor ninja park!

  • Personalized Learning - Through the Summit Learning online platform and curriculum, we strive to give students voice and choice in the pace of their learning and in the ways they show mastery. Students have opportunities for one-on-one support and workshops in areas where they may struggle, and they have opportunities for advancement in areas where they are excelling. 8th graders on our campus have the chance to earn high school credit in multiple courses, so they can start preparing early for high school and college success. We also offer the Wolfpack Virtual Academy - a virtual learning option for families who need more flexibility in their students' learning.

  • Mentoring Program - Every student at LMS has a mentor teacher that they see multiple times per week. Mentor teachers meet one-on-one with every student to set goals for their learning, check in on their progress, and provide tutoring in areas where they may struggle. The student's mentor teacher also serves as the primary point of contact for parents, so that teachers and parents can have open lines of communication about their students' progress and behavior.