DigCit Summit California

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Join the Digital Citizenship Institute and Monterey Bay Cue as we offer our first Digital Citizenship Summit (DigCit Summit) in North Salinas High School on May 18, 2019!

This summit is an event to promote and learn more about positive and productive Digital Citizenship. It aims to work towards solutions, promoting best practices, and empowering to be the digital change. This event will bring students, TK-12 educators, and parents together to learn from one another about how to best interact with all things digital from social media to informational literacy. Join us on the information highway and digital playground to create, learn, and grow with us with offerings in English and in Spanish.

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Educator Strand Sessions - Just a Taste

Digital Media and Your Brain with Merve Lapus

Sometimes when you're using media, it's hard to stop. Lots of people even say they feel "addicted" to their phones or the apps and games they use. But is digital media actually designed to get you hooked? Attendees will think about the ways different digital media does -- and does not -- help us find healthy media balance.

Diffusing Digital Drama with Jamie Nunez

How are students are using social media to create digital drama and what can your school do to create a culture of digital advocacy? Discover a combination of education tools and best Learning best practices to rethink how all students build their digital resiliency skills.

From Protected to Protector. From Protector to Proactive with Hall Davidson

Citizenship has always meant being proactive, making a difference when needed, and using the tools democracy gives us to strengthen society. Learn about free tools to help students and educators move from the protected to the protectors. To understand in a digital age and the power to be proactive and shape society positively. Rethink digital citizenship as citizenship in the digital age. Each age historically has required its citizen to rethink social norms, to take unprecedented actions in their own times to strengthen and improve life and work. Citizenship has a role and digital in only a subset. Learn how the meaning of citizenship gets us a handle on responsibilities today.

Thinking Critically About the (FAKE!!) News with Rob Appel

Participants will explore multiple resources that empower students to think critically about information found on the Internet. The session will reference the recent Speak Up survey data and research showing that middle school and high school students are generally lacking in the ability to discern truth from fiction when reviewing online information. Participants will also examine the ISTE, CCSS, and other standards that further establish the importance of teaching students how to determine the credibility of information they find on the web.

Family Strand Sessions - Just to name a few

Growing Up Online, with the EdTechFamily

The EdTechFamily has done a lot of growing up online. What started as a TeacherMom sharing adventures with her children has grown into a branded family with their own Twitter account and a podcast. This session will facilitate a discussion of growing up in a digital world as led by a presentation by the EdTechFamily as they share their experiences, tips, and tricks. Balancing safety while encouraging and teaching others can be tricky. Let’s navigate it together!

Family Life in a Digital World with Katherine Goyette and Adam Juarez

We invite you to join our family in a guided discussion full of tips, tricks, and examples from personal experience regarding digital safety in an online connected world. Learn how we access and utilize technology in our household to communicate, gain knowledge, and have fun.

Community Tech Use Agreement with Colin Matheson

Our district and parent groups have partnered to create a resource for families around tech use at home. We have collected ideas from families and recommendations from DigiCiti organizations and are promoting these common/best practices to our entire parent community. Families can use this information to discuss the practices that make sense for their family and see the general types of rules in place. This process helps support families who are unsure of what good rules are, and will hopefully create a social norms effect.

Student Strand - Some Highlights

Cinch Up Your DigCit Toolbelt! with Kelly Orvick

Being a good digital citizen is much more than just knowing about the tech tools. It is also about being able to use technology for our and other's benefit. Maybe even more important, students must understand how to use it to connect and collaborate in a safe, positive and responsible way. In this DigCit Toolkit, we will cover how to manage the "digital footprint" and online reputation, copyright and plagiarism, netiquette and cyber-bullying so we can break down the four walls of the classroom and connect our students globally, but in a safe and protected manner.

Students and Podcasting: its a great mix with David Platt

In this session, participants will have the opportunity to talk to a teacher facilitator and two student podcasters who have created a successful student podcast. In the panel, both the teach and the students will discuss the development process and creative content that goes into each episode. The goal from the discussions will be that both teachers and students will be inspired to develop their own podcast in their own classroom.

From Gaming to Google: A Kid's Perspective with Connor McCurdy

The presentation will show others how kids like me use gaming, coding, and other apps to develop their ideas. We can grow from consumers into creators using those apps as well as Google (G-Suite apps). I will show how I have used Minecraft and code.org, as well as how I have used apps such as Google Slides and Google Draw. Additionally, I will encourage people to support programs (in and out of summer) that encourage kids like me with classes, clubs, and “camps.”

Text Based Game in Java with Ryan Gutierrez

I have developed a video game in the programming language Java. It is a text based adaptation of one of my favorite franchises, Monster Hunter. The player can choose quests to go on and hunt monsters to further the game. The player types commands prompted by the game to control their character.

Graphics-Based Arcade Style Game with Julio Lopez

Players shoot down objects that are flying around the screen while managing to survive.
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