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APS Family Connection 9/9/2021

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Try this "I Love You" Ritual with Your Child to Build Connection

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Montessori School Lunch

We are continuing to work on ways to keep everyone safe at lunch and could use your help.

Many of you have heard that the district is asking us to move students to the cafeteria for lunch. The district is actually asking us to move to having students go through the cafeteria line to make choices for their lunch. Each school was asked to come up with a plan to move towards that requirement.

Currently, we are delivering meals to all classrooms that are sealed for safety. Students are eating in their classrooms or outside.

Our Plan:

At APS, there is a large set of stairs going to our cafeteria. This makes it difficult for little feet to get down to the cafeteria quickly and climb back up with a full tray and no spills. We had an original plan that included Montessori lessons during lunch that will also work for getting students through the cafeteria line. We will start next week with one Lower El or Upper El class per day going to the cafeteria and receiving a lesson on going through the line and then having a Grace and Courtesy lesson during lunch. The rest of the classes will continue eating in their rooms and outside. We will continue to assess the situation and work towards having students be able to go through the cafeteria line for choices. This will be a work in progress and we appreciate your patience.

Monday Room 207

Tuesday Room 205

Wednesday Room 204

Thursday Room 206

Friday Room 208

How can you help?

Our Montessori rooms are looking for more ways to get more students outside during lunch, but the rain is putting a damper on that. With little mulch in the courtyard and limited seating, we are finding it difficult to get everyone a space. Many of our parents have asked how they could help. We are looking for more benches, picnic tables, picnic mats or washable surface blankets to quickly put out during lunch. If you have any of those and would like to donate those, please drop off items at the front entrance or call the school to make arrangements for a drop off in car line. We are so thankful that you have asked!

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Ingles Tools for Schools

Be sure to link your card to our school so that we can reap the benefits. Our school code is 10753. Thanks!

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Transportation Information


The car line will open at 2:30 PM. PLEASE HAVE YOUR CAR TAG displayed in the window for the entire time you are in the car line. Also, pull all the way up to the orange cones as staff direct you. It helps us get your child quickly and safely to your car. If you would like to get out and talk to staff or comfort an upset child, please use a parking space so the line is able to keep moving.

Walkers will also be dismissed at 2:30 PM. Please socially distance and move to the front porch area so that staff can make sure to match you with your child. It is helpful to state the child's name and teacher when picking up. Walkers can only be dismissed at the front entrance for safety.

If you come to school before or after the times listed, please go to the front office to check out your child.


Being on time to school helps your child to stay with the schedule of the day and creates a sense of predictability and comfort. Please be on time each day. We will be counting tardies in PowerSchool. Please make it a point to get here on time.

If your child is having a rough morning, it is helpful to let the teacher know so we can help support a smooth transition to class. Please call, email, or text to let us know how we can support your little one on tough mornings.

Please fill out this APS FAMILY SURVEY

OOPS! Our survey didn't collect any of the email addresses for families filling the form out prior to 1 pm on 8/19. If you filled out the survey before that, would you PLEASE help by filling it out again so we have all of your information. Thank you!

Health & Safety

Covid Protocols continue to change as our community needs change. Please refer to the tool kits below to find the latest information and explanations of safety protocols. Our district uses these tool kits to help develop safety protocols for our schools. (Please remember that all the board meeting videos are available on our district website.)

Please remind your child to do the following:

  • wear a mask/face covering (we touch our nose and our chin when we are doing a mask check, students usually quickly adjust their mask when prompted, try that at home)
  • socially distance (3 feet when mask is on, we use our arms to help with that length; 6 feet when mask is off for eating)
  • wash hands (sanitizer works, but learning to wash hands well is best, sing a song while washing hands like Happy Birthday or APS Song or ABCs)

Students should stay home, even with a negative test result, if they have vomiting or diarrhea or a fever. They may return with a negative test result and 24 hours after no longer vomiting, diarrhea or fever without the aid of medication.


Outside students are not required to wear a mask, but are welcome to wear one if they want. Some school age students and staff have had concerns about some of the games they are playing and how close they are in contact with each other. Staff are going to help coach them in a conversation about whether they want to wear a mask for that game or play it for 10 minutes and then move on to another game. Please talk with your child's teacher if you have any specific concerns. Your child is free to make choices during recess that help them feel safe and get them moving in the fresh air.

Thank you for your help with keeping it safe at our school.

A detailed update is coming from the district...check your email.


Please remind your child to SHINE every day by:

  • Keeping it SAFE at Asheville Primary
  • HELPING our class community
  • Showing INTEGRITY
  • Keeping our environment NEAT & CLEAN
  • ENCOURAGING our classmates and staff

FREE Anti-bias Anti-racism Parenting Workshop

Register for an ABAR Parenting Workshop that works on your schedule. You have until next May to fit this in to your family's schedule. FREE to every family. If your family would like to make a contribution to help, contact an administrator.


Many of our families have been asking about whether nuts are allowed or not. We are still collecting health histories from families and ask for your patience. We will decide on the needs of our school once we see what allergies are in the building. Stay tuned...


Does your family need support for the start of the school year? We will be happy to provide school supplies for families, extra food, or help with other needs you may have. Covid has made things unpredictable for a lot of our families financially. We understand and want to support where we can. Feel free to contact the front office and leave a message for our new social worker, Emagine, or administration. We are all family and want your school year to start out strong!


Asheville Primary Reference Documents & Links


Only students who are assigned a bus through the Transportation Department are allowed to ride. There are NO bus passes being given this year. This is important for all parents to know before school begins. Your child will not be able to ride home with a friend or to a different household due to Covid restrictions on our buses. Please make arrangements for your child's transportation and make sure your teacher knows how your child will get home each day.
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Box Tops for Education Sweepstakes

Cick here for details on how to enter.

Click below for Staples Rewards information and how to link to your child's classroom.

We need GREAT people!

Asheville City Schools has several instructional assistant vacancies at the elementary level for the 2021-2022 school year. Visit for details.

These positions are full time positions with benefits (i.e. state retirement, sick days, paid time off, health insurance, and access to supplemental insurance). The best part is you have the opportunity to have a positive impact on children every day.

We are still in need of the following positions:

  • academic support assistants
  • cafeteria workers
  • instructional assistants
  • substitutes

Many schools across our district are struggling with finding new staff to fill positions and we are no exception. Until those positions are filled, please allow grace to our staff as we all fill in to make sure that everything is taken care of for our students. Thank you!

APS Family Connection 9/9/21

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