Federal Emergency Relief Administration

Down on your luck and looking for work?

Are you down on your luck and looking for work? Because the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) is hiring! You are not alone in your struggles, over 14 million Americans just like you, are looking for jobs and we are here to help. We were enacted by President Roosevelt in 1933 as a federal relief program and are now run by Mr. Harry Hopkins. Our jobs require little training and are located on Federal land all over the country! This might not be an ideal job for the long term, but it might be right for you now. Just think after you are finished working here, you will be able to rely on yourself again. Plus, you will be sent away with a good recommendation under your belt.

Food Programs

Are you able to support yourself but maybe you need an some extra help to get there? Some of our programs run by the Federal Surplus Relief Corporation (FSRC) can help lighten your load. Come to one of our many cafeterias and enjoy a delicious, freshly cooked meal! You can also sign up for food stamps or enroll your child in one of our school lunch programs.

Projects available for women too!

Lead by Mrs. Ellen S. Woodward our projects for women include: sanitation surveys, highway and park beautification, public building renovation, public records surveys, and museum development. Sounds like good work for you? Submit your application today!

Support Our Organization

Our organization has supplied work to over 20 million previously unemployed Americans. We have greatly helped these people by providing them with steady jobs that make it so they can put food on the table and provide for their families. We have given them new skills through a number of our programs that will make it so they can get new jobs in the future. Although, these are purely the physical ways in which we have assisted them, we have also done so much for them mentally. See before they were employed by us they were out of work struggling to make ends meet. Their self value was pretty low and they felt as if they had somehow failed, even though they were not to blame. By giving them work we have boosted their self esteem making it so they now feel as if they can once again rely on themselves. This means that they will be able to find new, non charity, jobs after they work with us. Therefore, even though our programs will cost the government more money than if we had just given money to the workers. In the long run our programs will greatly help the economy and the US population as a whole. They will also help many small towns because we have built work spaces on thousands of acres of federal land, hugely helping the small towns near by.