Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

The Importance of it

Multiplying and Dividing Decimals are Important

How do we use Multipying and Dividing in the real world?

When you go shopping and you buy the same thing more than once, you multiply the numbers. When you are weighing something like marshmallows, say 1 marshmellow is 0.2 grams and you need to find how many 23 marshmellows weight, you would have to multiply. When you are at work, you might have to multiply or divide decimals. When you are buying something like 3 for $2.50 you would have to divide 3 divided by 2.50. Another example is when you have some marshmellows and each of then weigh 0.2 grams, to find how many marshmellows are there you would have to divide.

That's how we multiply and divide decimals in the real world.

Multipying decimals

When you multiply decimals you have to first pretend that the decimals aren't there.

Then you have to multiply the numbers like it's a regular number.

Once you are done multiplying, you have to count the decimal spaces in the original numbers and move the decimal from the end of your product that much.

That's how you multiply decimals!

Dividing decimals

When you divide decimals, first you have to make sure the divisor is a whole number. If it is, you can move to the next step. If not, you move the decimal to the right until the divisor is a whole number. Then you have to move that number of spaces to the right, that you moved the decimal on the divisor, to the dividend's decimal.
Then you divide.
When you're done dividing, you have to move the decimal in the dividend up into the answer. Right above it!!!

That's how you divide decimals!