Animal shelters

Animal need love not torture


An estimated 5-7 million animals enter shelters each year.

Each year 3.7 million animals are enthanized. 5 in 10 dogs and 7 in 10 cats in shelters are enthanized, because no one wants or can adopt them.

The cost of spaying or neutering a pet is less then the cost of raising puppies or kittens for a year.

Approximentely 7.6 million animals enter shelters nationwide. Of the dogs entering shelters, approximentely 35% are adopted, 41% are killed, and 26% of dogs who came in are returned to their owner.

There are about 13,600 community animal shelters nationwide.

Take action

Stop dog fights ~ Donate money to help the animal shelters

Boycott puppy mills ~ Make sure animals are healthy

Find good homes for the animals ~ volunteer at animal shelter

Stop abusing and neglecting animals ~ volunteer to walk and bathe animals

Adopt dogs from shelters ~ hold fundraisers to raise money for the shelters

Group 1 news

Group 1- Animal shelters

What we learned

Adam- Animals are being used and put in shelters and they don't have homes and have to be put down.

Gracie- Help animals by volunteering and having fundraisers.

Henry- You can walk dogs at the pound.

Laila- We learned about animals that are abused and don't have homes. There's too many animals in animal shelters.

Nikko- Animals are being abused and abandoned and that's not right.

Tristan- Save dogs by adopting them from shelters.

Valli Ann- Abusing animals is wrong and rude.