Martin Luther King Jr.

Biography by: Koalton S

Early Life

Martin Was born January 15, 1929. After birth martin was named Michael his mother was a house keeper and his father was a very powerful speaker. As a small child martin played with a white friend . One day the boys mother and father told the boy that He could not play with martin because he was black, This was martins first experience with segregation. One day a traffic police man pulled martins father over and said "Let me see your drivers license boy" His father refused to give him his license until he was adressed correctly the officer pointed to Martin Sr. and said "That's a boy i'm a man" and martin still refused the shocked officer gave martin a ticket and left. This incident and many others shocked martin.


Martin Luther King Jr. was a baptist minister and was president of the southern christian leadership conference. he was the most prominent african american leader of the civil rights movement. He had a very seismic effect on race relations in the united states of america. Through his Activism, he played a pivitol role. In 1964 Martin Earned the Nobel Peace Prize Among many other honors

Intresting facts

  • Martin had a positive effect on society today
  • He Helped stop segregation and racism
  • He told that blacks and whites should be equal
  • outgoing, helpful, and friendly
  • He overcame may obstacles like, being judged because of his color and also being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize
  • I chose this person because i am against racism
  • He did unusual things that most people don't do
  • I never knew he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize
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Martin Luther King jr. Was assassinated on April 4, 1968 by a single rifle shot while standing on the second floor balcony of the lorraine motel by James Earl Ray.

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