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Spanish NEWS

¡Hola a todos! Periodically throughout the year I will be sending out newsletters to keep parents informed with what is going on in the Spanish classroom. I am excited for this new school year and look forward to working with your children. There are a few things that I have communicated with the students in the classroom that would be beneficial for parents to be aware of as well. Please read below to find out more about the "Drop Date" for the class, some information about my homework website and study logs, and my YouTube page. Please read below to find out more information on these topics.

Drop date

The drop date for Spanish class is September 20th. What this means is the student can stay in the class before September 20th to experience the class and decide if they are prepared for the rigor of the advanced high school level class or if they would prefer to wait until high school to take it and drop the class for this year. If a student would like to drop the class they must have their parent/ guardian either call and speak to the guidance counselor (Mrs. Thompson) or send a note to school with their child requesting for them to be withdrawn from the class. If the student does not decide to drop the class by the drop date then the student must stay in the class for the entire year. If you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to email Mrs. Hirschman or call the school and speak to Mrs. Thompson.

Study Logs & Homework Website

Studying for a foreign language is very important and this is why I emphasize studying by making it apart of the student's grade. Generally, students should be studying at least 20 minutes a night for Spanish. All study time should be recorded on the study log for two weeks and then turned in on the appointed due date. If a student loses their study log, they can download and print out a new one on my homework website. There are a lot of useful materials on my homework website including: Alternative Assignments, Pronunciation Power Points, Assignment directions, Study tips, Interactive notebook pages, songs, and much more! This is also where students and parents can find a calendar containing all the homework that is assigned in the class and the date it is due. I update this daily for all classes. Please check it out and utilize this resource. The link to my website is below along with my contact information.

Mrs. Hirschman's YouTube Page

On my YouTube page students can find some helpful study resources including songs, video lessons, and presentation examples from previous years. There is a lot on there and it can be a good study resource if utilized by students. I will be posting more things throughout the year to further help students with their Spanish studies so go ahead and check it out!

¡Gracias! Thanks!

That's all for now! Please contact me if you have any questions at all throughout the year about anything. I look forward to working with you all!